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Lee Burgess, Co-founder of Law School Toolbox
Lee Burgess, Co-founder of Law School Toolbox
Alison Monahan, Co-founder of Law School Toolbox
Alison Monahan, Co-founder of Law School Toolbox

Law School Expert clients have found a great resource they’d like to share–Law School Toolbox: created by Lee Burgess and Alison Monahan, Law School Toolbox helps prepare 1L students to start law school with tips and tools.

Here’s what they have to say:

“I have been extremely nervous about beginning law school this fall, so I began to search the web for advice and tips on how to succeed…or even just survive my first year of law school! Luckily, I came across the Law School Toolbox website. I was a bit skeptical about a prep course initially because I received advice earlier in the summer to just enjoy and rest up, and others told me to just read as much as I could before school started.

Boy, oh boy! Am I glad I took the Law School Toolbox’s prep course! The 4-week course consisted of weekly readings and assignments. At the end of each week, the entire group (about 5-10 of us) would meet with Lee and Alison on an online (audio) chat platform. They talked through the particular lesson and we were able to discuss or ask questions as we went along. And, the lessons are posted, so if I was unable to attend I could listen on my own time.

I now feel more comfortable with the start of law school. I’m not saying that law school is going to be a breeze and that I have it all figured out, but I can say that I’m probably ahead of the game. While everyone else is trying to figure out if they want to type or handwrite their notes during the first few weeks, I am already starting my outline for my first class.

The support system I have had thus far – both with Ann at Law School Expert and the Law School Toolbox ladies – has helped me get to where I am today: attending my reach school and feeling much more comfortable with the idea of law school and the crazy workload!” — Nilda

“The Law Preview course was very well done. I learned a lot and it gave me a realistic ‘preview’ of the material which I can use during law school classes. Overall the professors were entertaining and insightful. My only real complaint was that the classes were so long (7:45am-5:00pm) during the day that it made readings a stretch to complete due to the time consuming nature of law. (Part of this was due to taking the course in a city controlled by traffic!) Overall, their help with the law school process and their aid in forming a schedule for students is very helpful.” –Stephen P.

One student gave us a list of pros and cons…

-Professors were dynamic; they were very frank about what law school professors will be like.
-Gave a concrete study schedule and routine for people to follow.
-The small amount of knowledge I gained during each of the substantive courses whetted my appetite for studying Contracts, Torts, etc. and did wonders for my confidence levels.

– The Writing Workshop and some of the “advice” sessions could have been condensed.

lawschltoolbox-rgb-redCurrent pricing for the “Start Law School Right” course is $425, but Law School Expert blog readers can use the code “Save 50-SLSR” to save $50.
The next course starts on September 8.

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  1. Totally agree! Based on my observation some of my law professors are really frank and realistic. Very interesting to read this law school tool box. Thank you Ann for sharing this to us!

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