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Ann sat down this week to talk to John Rood, an LSAT Tutor and founder of Next Step Test Prep about law school personal statements and making your school choice.

In this video, Ann answers two questions:

1. How should you start thinking about your law school personal statement?

2. How should you think about offers from differently-ranked schools? For example, many students will be admitted to a tier 1 school paying full price, but also have offers from second-tier schools with substantial financial aid. Ann discusses how to make this decision based on your career goals.

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  1. Wow, definitely glad I found that. So I have a question. I got a 167, and my GPA is just about a 3.6 … but I went to what is considered an ‘alternative school’ – one that is outside the U.S. and although the studies were in English, it’s just not well-known here in the U.S. (I’m born and raised American, by the way, so no TOEFL/English language problems). Could you maybe comment on how this should affect the schools to which I am applying? I’ve also taken a year off to work and am confident that I’ll have (pretty) good letters of recommendation, but I haven’t found any good analysis on how this should affect the schools I’m considering, my chances of being accepted somewhere and how law school admissions look (down/up) on this type of issue. Thanks!!

  2. But what the situations where you (‘re clients) are deciding not between a top-14 and a top-30 school, but what about a top-25 school vs. top-50 vs. top-100? Where does the distinction between where you should go vs. scholarship money fall between rankings 50 vs. rank 90?

    And I didn’t even think about those ‘details’ of what it will take to keep a scholarship for 2nd / 3rd year – wow, thanks!

    1. Hi Maya, We just spoke on the phone today and I think I answered your initial questions then. I think that scholarship money and location are really an important combination – you may want to check out The Law School Decision Game for more on this important topic.

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