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I was recently introduced to a new site that is aiming to compile information about all of the ABA law schools in one place. This should make comparing schools and browsing schools a lot easier – no more going to individual school’s websites to obtain basic information. not only has profiles on every law school across the country, but it also features a plethora of legal-related information.  Each law school has its own profile that includes all the relevant information that a potential law student   would be interested in.  Statistics include location and tuition, enrollment information and notable alumni.

In addition, I want you to know that UCLA’s Law Fellows Program is accepting applications.

DEADLINE: October 15, 2009

2009-2010 Application

The Law Fellows Program provides early academic development to high-potential undergraduate students and college graduates.  To be eligible to participate, applicants must have at least a 3.3 cumulative undergraduate GPA from a four-year institution.  The program focuses on participants’ academic development, with the objective of increasing their academic competitiveness for admission to law school. Our initiative is committed to ensuring equity, access, and excellence in legal education both in California and nationally. A strong preference is granted to applicants whose experiences reflect limited familial exposure to post-collegiate education, career opportunities, mentoring, and social support systems. Additional consideration is also given to applicants who have overcome economic and/or educational hardships and challenges, or come from, or have demonstrated leadership experience in, economically or educationally underserved communities.

Law Fellows attend a series of Saturday Academies held at UCLA School of Law in the winter and spring, where they are provided with mentoring, academic enrichment, and career development activities designed to de-mystify law school and the legal profession, and to present these objectives as viable options.  The program prepares participants to successfully enter and succeed in top law programs and legal careers by affording Fellows access to a variety of events, programs and services, including:

•    Professional-Level Instruction by Law School Faculty
•    Personalized Juris Doctorate (Law School) Action Plan
•    Mentoring by Current UCLA Law Students
•    Full Scholarship for one LSAT Preparation Course
•    Presentations by Practicing Attorneys and Leaders in the Law Community
•    Admissions, Financial Aid, LSAT, and Public Interest Law Workshops
•    Legal Research Primer by Law Library Staff
•    Follow-Up Activities and Counseling until Law School Matriculation

For more information, contact the Academic Outreach Resource Center at UCLA School of Law: Phone: (310) 794-4157; Fax: (310) 794-8840; or

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  1. I am currently a Biology major with a 3.6 GPA at CCNY. I also have an AA in liberal arts. I am currently taking organic chemistry and from all indications it seems I will most likely get a C. I have taken several political science classes and found that I enjoy Political science more than I do Biology. Would you advise that I switch to political science to avoid a terrible GPA that might derail my chances of getting into law school? Secondly,I recently got accepted into a legal studies honors program sponsored my skadden,arps. It includes an internship at their NY offices. Doing both biology and the honors program is proving demanding and might affect my GPA in my current major. Is it better to stay in the program and major in political science or Biology?

    1. Hi Kevin,
      it’s hard for me to pick your major for you, but your grades are fantastic in Biology so I see no reason to switch just because of a C in Org chem. You’re doing great in a difficult major – no reason to switch just to get a 3.8 in an easier major. I love that you’re doing the honors program – that’s fantastic! You’re doing everything right.
      Let me know if I can help you in any way.

  2. Thank you so much. That is the best advice I have gotten. I have heard that law schools calculate science majors’ GPA differently when converting to the Index score. For example a 3.3 GPA in a science major could translate into a 3.6 overall GPA for admission ( given the school), is that true?

  3. Hi Kevin,
    Your index numbers won’t change – it’s the subjective evaluation that will. I talk about this a bit more in my book, but that’s the bottom line. Glad to be helpful!

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