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Understanding Military Benefits for Law Students

If you’ve ever served our country in the armed forces, you’ve earned not only our admiration and respect, but also the opportunity to attend law school with assistance from the GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program (for participating schools).

Most people know the story of the original GI Bill. It was signed into law by President Roosevelt in 1944 to give returning veterans access to low-interest mortgages and tuition grants. It quickly led to a massive influx of veteran students, and in 1947 veterans accounted for nearly half of college admissions. The bill was most recently updated in 2008 to cover more educational expenses, provide a living allowance, and offer transferability to spouses and kids. But still, it covers only in-state tuition at public schools.

Will The GI Bill Pay for Law School?

The GI Bill pays some portion of tuition, housing, books and fees. The Yellow Ribbon program can be used by schools to fund the difference in tuition covered by the GI bill and the actual cost.

The Yellow Ribbon Program fills the void. It enables veterans to attend private schools and graduate programs—like law school—that cost more than the state-tuition cap. How? The VA agrees to match veterans-only scholarships at participating institutions dollar-for-dollar, up to the full cost of tuition. Some schools limit the number of students it will grant money, but many do not.

Between the benefits of the GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program, over 30 of the T50 law schools—including Stanford, Notre Dame, and Duke—are essentially tuition free. Numerous others have tuition under $10,000 per year. This knowledge can be valuable even at schools without the biggest tuition breaks. You may find that T14 schools are tuition-free for veterans.

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    1. I am a services connected disabled veteran with MBA (GPA=3.932) .I do not like to take LSAT test.
      Is there any possible opportunity?
      Thank you.

  1. What about benefits for spouse of a veteran with a 100% permanent and total disability rating?

    1. Yes, what about benefits for a spouse of a Desert Storm veteran with 100% service-connected disability? I am also currently a reservist with 15 years in but haven’t been activated so I seem to fall through all the cracks as far as education benefits. I have DEA benefits, but that won’t come close to funding law school – is there a program that will match DEA funds or something?

  2. Do you know if there are some benefits for the spouses that wants to go to Law School? I heard about My CAA but its more focused to short careers.

  3. My husband is finishing his degree in the spring (17) and taking the LSAT’s this coming September. He is getting a lot of run around from vocational rehabilitation and needs direction-guidance . He has good grades and will nail that LSAT out the park- he also received his project management certificate. Any advice would be greatly appreciated –

  4. I am a veteran that is seeking a law degree in order to further serve my country. I am an avid reader who thrives around self-discipline. I am not your average breed. I enjoy reading case law because I know how powerful it can be to know more. I have a very good memory only because I attach it to practicality. I am the odd ball who will drag 500 books in a courtroom through an extended effort to include an extreme breadth of knowledge when applying reasonable material against overwhelming odds in order to strengthen litigation. I intend to bring an element unforeseen in an effort to add an intriguing element of innovation to the courtroom so that America’s justice system can reidentify itself to a more natural course of business. It is my belief that through the practice of insightful litigation, we can overcome and at least minimize the manipulative nature of evasive testimony/arguments, unrealistic punitive judgements and oppressive continuations and rulings. I am confident and wholeheartedly believe to possess the characteristics of an individual that is necessary in achieving the improbable goal of making a justice system a better process than it was when I found it. I will be a modern-day Cato The Younger. What I am asking of you is any advice or direction to help a not-so-well-off Veteran make a selfless mark on his country.
    Thank you,


  5. Hi,

    I am a U.S. Veteran who received an Honorable discharge. I graduated from Lipscomb University and am looking to go to Law School. Any assistance would be appreciated.

  6. Hello,
    I’m curious about the math on these tuition rates. It does not seem that the one listed as tuition free are actually tuition free. The tuition for many is well over 55k, yet the GI Bill plus Yellow Ribbon program only comes to 40k for most. Upenn for example, is listed as tuition free, yet my math says it’s. it even close, according to the chart.
    Ami I misinformed ?

  7. Trying to get into law school at 50+; retired after 30-year military service, graduated top of my class and I’m a 100 disabled veteran. Have exhausted my GI Bill, what support is there out there for me?

  8. I am a retired Veteran that served for over 21 years in the Navy. I graduated from the University of Maryland University College (UMUC) with a BS in Information Systems Management. I have a strong desire to go to Law School and would appreciate any information pertaining to programs or opportunities for Veterans.

  9. I’m really determined to get in Law School. I used all my post 911, to get my BS in Business Management. What other option do I have left.

  10. I read that the Post 9/11 GI Bill limit for private school is $22,805.34 per year, but the spreadsheet in this blog shows that the GI Bill pays $48,165.50 for UC Berkeley (to put an example). Is this information correct?
    I feel the spreadsheet information is not complete and perhaps misguided, if I’m wrong, please, can someone explain me.

    Thank you.

  11. I am past my time for GI BILL but I have the Illinois Veteran Grant here in Illinois.
    Can I use that?

    I would like more information on how I can get my law degree.

    Thank you.

  12. I have a masters in education 3.7gpa and a dissabled US Veteran seeking a law degree. Are there any university programs free for vets? Seeking to study family law.

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