Law School Expert’s Best of 2008

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Thanks to all of my readers for your wonderful comments and feedback this year.

Over 63,547 of you visited the Law School Expert blog 93,719 times. WOW. Thank you. I love how many of you left comments and sent me e-mails about how the blog has helped you through the law school admission process.

I’d like to share with you my favorite posts from this year: (There were 122 posts, so choosing them proved difficult)

January: The benefits of attending law school part time. and 5 Things You Can Do To Be Admitted Off the Waitlisted

February: Law School Discussion Driving You Crazy

October: Are You Suffering From Application Panic Syndrome? (my personal favorite post of the year!)

November: Mistakes to Avoid in Law School Applications (with a whopping 32 comments!)

December: How Binding is Binding Early Decision?

Thanks so much for the great inspiration – many of my topics come from questions and comments posted to the blog and things that my law school admission consulting clients express concern regarding.

Wishing you all a wonderful and happy New Year in 2009.

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