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Since launching the lawschoolexpert blog in July, I’ve had 12,000 readers visit. Thank you so much for your support, comments, and encouragement.

Here are the year’s 5 Most Popular Law School Expert Posts:

1. With nearly 1,500 readers and 23 comments, this post about low LSAT scores was the year’s most popular post.

2. The second most read was yesterday’s post, so I need to thank my detractors. It’s true what they say – all publicity is good publicity. (Ironically, this is one of my few posts with a significant typo, to my dismay….). I hate that I had to post this one, so I’m not going to link back to it here.

3. With 500 readers, Countdown to the December 1, 2007 LSAT came in 3rd place.

4. A close second was Should You Cancel Your LSAT Score.

5. My most controversial, but heartfelt, post about the value of attending law school inspired dozens of you to e-mail me and leave comments thanking me for encouraging you to pursue your dreams. I am not in the business of encouraging anyone to go to law school – that decision is up to you. But if you’ve made your decision, I am happy to apply my expertise to help you reach your goal. My readers know I have a tendency toward being idealistic and optimistic. I don’t plan for this to change anytime soon.

I also want to take this opportunity to thank the websites that refer readers to me. Until yesterday, my number one referring website was Frugal Law Student. Yesterday, jd underground beat it out (and I’m pleased to announce the site is no longer quite as “underground” as it once was). Blawg, Cali Pre-Law Blog and lawsagna
were all kind enough to refer a significant number of readers to my blog.

I look forward to continuing this effort in 2008, and to posting many success stories along the way. Happy New Year.

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