Law School Applications to Surge for Fall 2010

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According to this post about the 11.5% increase in February LSAT takers, it looks like Fall 2010 might be a very competitive application year.

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  1. Hi Ann. My question is regarding transfers. If my goal is to transfer to a school in California, does staying in the same state for 1L school make it easier? In other words, do I give up anything by choosing a tier 4 school in Oklahoma if my goal is to transfer to a tier 3 in California? Or will it help me to choose a tier 4 1L school within the state? Thank you.

  2. Diverse Guy,
    Transfer applicants usually get very late notice of admission. You would find it less traumatic to move in-state, plus – if CA is where you want to be then you’d be better served by attending school in CA.

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