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That’s right – it’s officially time to start applying for Fall 2009 law school admission. Many schools have already released applications on, and others will be doing so in the next few days and weeks. But don’t rush – take your time filling them out. There’s no good reason to submit applications on September 1st – better to do your applications smartly and perfectly than to simply be first.

I hope everyone had a fantastic Labor Day Weekend.

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  1. This is in regards to personal statements. I read in one of your posts (or perhaps one of your links) that it’s not necessarily a good idea to be career/field-specific in the personal statement. What about if you’re applying to a certain school because you’re interested in a certain program? For example, I’m applying to some schools that have great health law programs, so would it be appropriate to discuss my interest in health law in my personal statement? Thanks for all of your helpful posts!

  2. If your resume screams “health care” then go for it – but if it will look like a whim, then don’t.

  3. Hi Ann, I’ve been reading your blogs for a while now, and I love your work…it’s really helped me out a lot. I was wondering if you have any idea where UC Irvine’s application is going to be posted. I looked on the LSAC website, and they don’t even have a link. Also, do you have any ideas what the profile of their incoming class is going to look like for their first year. I know they are only taking in about 60 students.


  4. Hi Arash – It may be that apps are not available yet. The wesbsite only offers a form to fill out and they will notify you when applications are available. I imagine the 60 spots will be filled by diverse candidates with very strong credentials. This is going to be a top flight law school right from the start.

  5. Thanks for the advice. I currently work in a public health-related field, so hopefully it will seem appropriate.
    Thanks again!

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