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Do you have questions about how much you can really expect to improve on the LSAT, what your addendum should say about your 3.2 GPA, and what you should put in your personal statement? Do you wish you could have a 30-minute, no-holds-barred strategy session with me and an LSAT tutor at the same time? You would? What about if this consultation were LIVE, in PUBLIC, to live in perpetuity in Internet land?

One exceptionally brave law school applicant has put herself forward to be the guinea pig, and tomorrow at 3 p.m. EST, Noon PST, you can listen in live, chat and ask questions. Mary, who graduated from college two years ago, is getting ready to take the June LSAT and is applying to law school. She has a lot of questions, and I’m going to answer them on air! Nathan Fox will be my special guest: the strategy session is his brainchild and Mary is one of his LSAT students. This should be lively and informative. Don’t miss it!

Listen online here. After the event is over, you’ll be able to listen anytime. You can even download it as a podcast through iTunes , where you can listen to my previous 23 podcast episodes.


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  1. Hi Ann,

    I want an advice on whether or not to retake the LSAT. I took it in February and scored 140..less than what I wanted. It was really the fact that I was stressed, ran out of time, and had to guess toward the end of each section. My current cumulative GPA is slightly under 3.0. I already got rejected from DePaul, Layola-Chicago, and NYLS. I’d like to know whether or not I have realistic chances of getting into law school preferably in NYC area or would you advise me to take the LSAT again in June and shoot for Brooklyn and Cardozo? I don’t really want to take the test again but I don’t think 140 is reflective of my abilities. Thanks for your help.

    P.S. I’m applying to part-time programs.


    1. Yes, Agata. You do have to re-take the LSAT.
      Listen in to tomorrow’s show for tips and motivation.

  2. Hi Ann,

    Thanks a lot for the great insight you provide into this process.

    I have a question about letters of continued interest (LOCI) or sending additional letters of recommendation to law schools. I applied in january to Stanford Law, and have not heard back. I scored a 180 on the lsat (re-take), and graduated from HYP with a gpa that is below stanford’s 25th percentile (3.72 range).

    Could it help me or hurt me to send in a final letter of recommendation from a stanford undergrad alumnus who knew me very well?

    Any help much appreciated!

    Stanford Hopeful

    1. Stanford Hopeful: You’re in good company – a lot of people haven’t heard back yet. A letter from an undergrad alum doesn’t sound too persuasive, assuming it’s a friend?
      You can call Stanford and check in – I think you’ll be hearing soon.

  3. Dear Ann,
    I’ve been dreaming about Law School for years, but then my first year I ran across some bad luck and got a 1.98 GPA I spent the next 2 years climbing outta the hole steadily. My second year my brother died, and instead of getting horrible grades I took everything CR/NCR. Here’s where my dilemma kicks in: i got a Bachelors in 3 years, so I only have one year of great grades. I was able to bring my all-college GPA up to a 3.03. Is there anything I can do to bring up this GPA? Can I go to a community college and redo the courses of GE I did poorly in? I more than anything want to be a lawyer( and judge someday), I just need to know where go from here? Did I ruin my dreams?

    1. DavisGirl444,
      Hi. You will obviously need to write an addendum about your grades but going back and taking other courses or re-taking courses is not going to help you. Put your time and energy into LSAT prep and other things. You can still reach your dreams!

  4. Dear Ann,

    Thank you for your excellent and generous blog.

    I scored a 180 in December on the LSAT on a retake from a 169. I have been waitlisted to Stanford Law School and it really is my first choice.

    I have sent two letters of continued interest, one in March, and one in May. Should I send another? Since sending my last LOCI I have been part of a 60 million dollar acquisition that I think would be a notable update…

    All help greatly appreciated!


    1. Hi TD,
      Wow, nice retake score : )
      I think it’s time to send another and let them know what you’ve been working on.
      Good luck!

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