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My Resume and Essays Got Me to NYU Law

“I felt that in working with Ann on my resume and essays I put my best foot forward when applying to schools. She helped me reach my maximum potential, and made me feel much calmer and more confident throughout the application process. Thanks to her advice and guidance, this fall I’m heading to my top choice school! If I had the decision to make all over again, I’d choose to work with Ann every time.”
– Magdalen (NYU Law)

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You will need to submit a resume with your law school application. Many applicants to law school submit a bare-bones resume, or one that is tailored to getting a summer job.  For your law school application, this won’t help set you apart from the crowd. Take advantage of a key piece of the law school application – the resume – rather than overlooking it as an “easy” part of the law school application process. This can make all the difference in creating the “Wow” factor in a law school application.

For traditional law school applicants who are within a year or two of graduating from college (or who are attending college while applying to law school) the resume provides an opportunity to highlight academic, extra-curricular, work-related and personal accomplishments and interests, including language skills and travel.

Including college leadership positions, volunteer experiences, travel, artistic talents, athletic endeavors and even menial jobs on your resume will help the law schools see a more complete picture of who you are. It will help law school admission officers see that you are not above grunt work, you have been financially responsible for yourself, you are able to handle working while attending school, and/or that you are passionate about helping others and understanding the world around you. Your resume is the place to do this!

If you do a great job on your law school resume, you will have more room in your personal statement to go “off-the-grid” and share meaningful and insightful information about yourself because you won’t have to spend it rehashing each of your internships. For professionals who are applying to law school as non-traditional students, Ann will help you to showcase your experiences in a way that enables law schools to see what you are capable of handling, the perspective your career brings to the law school classroom and your ability to succeed as a practicing attorney.

Ann Levine helps people create resumes that enable law school admission officers to appreciate how they have spent their time, that represents the ability to multi-task, pursue passions, and to become well-rounded individuals, rather than just listing things that “sound good” on a law school application resume.

For tips on what to include in your resume, how to organize your resume, tips on drafting descriptions for your activities, and sample resumes of Ann’s previous clients, 

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