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Attending Columbia with Grants, Full Ride at UCLA

“I decided to attend Columbia! CLS gave me a 40k grant after I sent them my offer letter from NYU (37.5k). The full scholarship at UCLA was extremely tempting. It was a really tough choice, and I went back and forth several times. Thank you guys for all the help. I had a really awesome cycle. I looked at the LSN data on scholarships and it looks like I outperformed my GPA and LSAT by quite a bit. I wouldn’t have even applied to UCLA if you hadn’t suggested it. Two years ago, when I first applied, Columbia was a reach school that put me on the wait list. Now, I got in, and they gave me grant money! I’m really happy with how everything turned out, and I’m super excited to start law school. Thanks again!” – Anon.
While you may have read some articles that law school is a risky investment, if you want to be a lawyer there is no avoiding attending law school. Getting a scholarship to law school, however, can help you keep your options open after graduation, so you can take the job you want rather than a job you hate that pays well. Law School Expert is very familiar with the range of law school scholarships out there, the pros and cons of taking a scholarship or attending a higher ranked school, and how to negotiate scholarship opportunities.

Student loan debt often prevents law school graduates from getting ahead in the world – getting a scholarship to law school helps. Ann Levine can not only help you maximize your scholarship potential by selecting schools appropriately, but can coach you through negotiating with schools. Several of Ann’s clients this year were given scholarships to schools that had accepted them under binding early decision programs, and others received scholarships to schools where they were admitted from the waiting list.

“What I think makes Ann such a great consultant is her dedication to her clients. She was always prompt about responding to my emails and phone calls, even during the holidays and her birthday! Furthermore, her services did not stop after I was admitted to several top law schools. She continued to assist me as I negotiated for scholarships from these institutions. In fact, with her help, I was able to receive scholarships that ranged from one-third tuition to over half tuition from some of the nation’s most prestigious law schools. Keep in mind that my LSAT score was either at the median or at the 25% of these schools.

Now that my cycle has ended, I can truly say that hiring Ann as an admissions consultant was the best decision I made when I applied to law school. Her help has been invaluable. Thanks to her, I was admitted to 12 of the 13 law schools I applied to, and I received scholarships from 11 of those schools.

Thank you, Ann! You are the best!”

– R.F. (Columbia)

“My investment in Ann’s services paid dividends.”

“Hey Ann, Thanks for your meticulous help through this whole process. I just received a scholarship from University of Texas worth over $100,000. It might not have been a great year for the stock market, but my investment with you is paying solid dividends.”

– J.G.

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