The Law School Admission Game, 3rd Edition – SNEAK PEAK!

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In just a few weeks, the 3rd edition of The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert will be available on Amazon! Even though this is my third time writing the same book, I’m really excited about this latest and greatest version of my Amazon bestselling law school admission guide. In addition to being updated for the current admission cycle, including recent trends of law schools and new changes with the LSAT, I’ve also included more sample essays and addenda to help you make good decisions about your law school applications.

Because I’m so excited, I’m sharing with my blog readers the audio version of the Introduction to the book. Let me know what you think!

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  1. Hi, Ann!

    I just finished listening to your audiobook of the second edition and I had a question regarding an addendum to my applications.

    Without going into too much detail, my GPA for my senior year of college averaged a 3.2 whereas in previous years I was averaging a 3.8. The drop was due to a number of things– my mother became seriously ill, I broke up with my girlfriend of 4 years, my grandparents got divorced, and I was diagnosed with bipolar disorder, all of which occurred between mid-October to late December. Understandably, between dealing with all of this, receiving treatment, and working 20 hours a week, my grades suffered. My LSAC GPA will be a 3.72 when I apply for Fall 2018 cycle, which is still decent in my opinion. But I’m wondering if you think I should include an addendum explaining the decrease during my senior year? And if you think I should, how do you think I should approach it without it feeling like a therapy session?

  2. Hi Ann- I am looking forward to picking up your book and greatly appreciate all the good advice on your blog!

    I am 2.5 years out of college and have a new job that is not a fit and am planning on leaving. I was already beginning to study for the December 2017 LSAT and now am considering quitting in September and taking 3 months off to study. Any Thoughts? Will this time off weaken my application? Thank you!

    1. Hi Cat! I don’t know your whole work history so it’s hard for me to answer this, but maybe taking the time off to study and combining it with volunteering regularly would actually be a positive because you’d have a higher LSAT score and a chance to demonstrate a particular passion. Let me know if I can be of further help.

  3. My son took the lsat last month. He received his score last week (171) and I ordered your book for him last week. He has finished reading it and found it very helpful. I am a practicing lawyer but really have very little current knowledge of law school admissions strategies or how to maximize opportunities for merit aid. If there’s any new material as to merit scholarship ops in your 3rd edition, please let me know. Thanks.

  4. Ann,

    The newsletter showing the link for your 3rd Ed. audio book isn’t working. It takes us to the site but they say something is wrong. Do you know what’s going on? Can you resend out the link? Really wanting to sink teeth into your newest edition.

  5. Hi Ann,
    My freshman year of college, I had a box on the top shelf of my closet that was too close to the fire-sprinkler head, so I was cited for a fire code violation during a dorm inspection. I had to watch a one-hour fire safety video and that was the end of it. Do I need to reveal that in the “Conduct” section of applications? I’ve been out of college for four years and don’t remember when exactly the violation was written up.

  6. Hi Ann,
    Your book came out right before the 3 lsat scores only rule was changed and I need your advice! Would having 3 lsat scores be an issue? Do schools care about the scores, since they don’t average them anymore?

  7. Hi Ann. I’m a non-traditional college student about to graduate. My first time in college did not end well, due to many life changing factors that I was not mature enough to handle at the age of 18-19 and I dropped out. As a result, even though my GPA for this institution, over 5 semesters, is a perfect 4.0, my overall GPA is low. How do I “spin” that on a law school app, to encourage the reviewers to look past the GPA and see that perhaps it’s harder to maintain straight A’s in a pre-law program as a 30-something single mother, working AND going to school, and so the last two and a half years should be weighed more heavily than the poor grades of an inexperienced teenager 20+ years ago?

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