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Finally! The law school admission guidebook I wrote based on my Law School Expert blog is only 2 weeks away from being in my hands (and yours!).

“The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert” is now available for pre-order for its mid-May release. It is available on but SHIPPING IS FREE if you buy it through Law School Expert.

The goal of the book is two-fold: (1) to help you present your best self to the right law schools for you, and (2) to help you make well-reasoned decisions throughout the process from whether to retake the LSAT to negotiating scholarships and deciding whether to send multiple seat deposits.

My intention is that the book will serve as a valuable A-Z resource for law school applicants by providing concrete tips and advice for almost every situation. It’s current – I discuss today’s admission trends and circumstances. It’s really detailed – I tell you exactly what should and shouldn’t be shared in your resume, personal statement, addendum, optional essays, and letters of rec. I talk about the important considerations in choosing a school and how to decide where to apply and where to attend. I go into detail about fee waivers, campaigning off a waiting list, and the risk you take in taking on debt to attend law school.

Basically, I took the issues brought up in my blog and the comments of readers, combined them with the questions asked most often by my law school admission consulting clients, and turned it into a 167 page book. Whether you’re still in college and contemplating law school or in your thirties or forties and feeling lost about how to begin the process, “The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert” may become your new best friend…

I look forward to your feedback about the book – both on the blog and on the amazon site. Become a fan of my book on Facebook for updates and discussions relating to the book.

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  1. My last school replied to me yesterday so I’m officially finished with my admissions cycle, but my best friend is applying to law school for class of 2013. She’s taking an LSAT prep course with Testmasters this summer, but I’m going to buy her your book from Amazon for her birthday. And tell her to keep off the forums and visit your blog instead.

  2. Do you think that organizations like a pre-law fraternity are advantageous for applicants? The pre-law fraternity on my campus seems to really just get information on the LSATs out on campus, but I’ve read about how many attorneys have been members. What do you think?

    1. Hi Alex,
      The answer depends upon what you mean by “advantageous.” (Yes, I have a law degree and I know how to use it ; )
      Advantageous in terms of admission officers being impressed? Not really. Advantageous in terms of getting you information and perhaps networking with lawyers/professors who could help with internships, gaining information about how to choose a law school, what’s important in choosing a law school, then – yes. However, you get out of it what you put into it and just showing up to a few meetings will get you very little.
      I actually address this in the book, so be sure to check that out. (How to choose activities, how law schools view different activities, etc.)

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