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Want to make sure you’ve covered your bases before Monday’s LSAT? Here are some things to check out:

Blog talk radio show: Last minute tips for LSAT takers

Blue Print Prep: How to spend the last weekend before the LSAT (original post 10/1/10)

LSAT Blog: Test Day tips organized in one post

LSAT Blog: 3 tips for day before LSAT <> , 6 things to do the day before the LSAT

If you read a few of these and then decide you’re not ready, here are 2 posts on how you can now “withdraw” from the LSAT before the test:

LSAT blog: New Option to Withdraw your LSAT Registration

Manhattan LSAT: June LSAT – deadlines, destiny and dates

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  1. Hi Ann, I graduated in 2010 and directly following did an AmeriCorps program. I applied for law school last fall (part time) with an LSAT score of 144 and mediocre GPA of 3.0 from a Big Ten University. I regrettably admit that I went ahead and applied naively thinking maybe my participation with AmeriCorps would overshadow my low LSAT score and was applying part time because I will have to start out part-time for personal financial reasons.

    After successfully completing my AmeriCorps program I am now working in a law firm and want to take the February LSAT and possibly apply for Fall 2012 but maybe now after reading some of your blogs am thinking I should wait until I get that LSAT score to know for sure it goes up and if I should wait until 2013. The reason I want to take it in February is so I can have ample time to prepare and study which I did not give myself for the other times, (First time (June 2009) I took the test with no preparation which resulted in a 141, the second time (September 2009) I took a prep course 3 weeks prior and resulted a 144).

    I took the test with no preparation after taking a practice test that estimated I would score in the 155 range. Any thoughts or criticisms would be greatly appreciated.

    1. CL, I’m glad my posts have been getting through to you because I do think that’s a good plan. I think you may want to consider an LSAT tutor since this would be your last opportunity to take the exam.

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