June LSAT Tips

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A week from Monday, many of you will be sitting for the June LSAT. Whether this will be your first time taking the LSAT or you’re someone who tried applying to law school in the past and/or is trying to increase your score, these tips apply toyou.

1. If you just picked up your first LSAT prep book this past weekend and think that a last minute 2-day crash prep course will be all you need to do, save yourself a lot of aggravation and wait until October 4th to take the LSAT.

2. The test is in the afternoon, so have a really good and healthy breakfast, get some exercise, and do whatever helps you relax. Stop answering calls, emails, and facebook messages of well-wishers and paranoid fellow LSAT takers. Turn off the iphone. Disconnect yourself from the world. No distractions.

3. If you know there is one particular thing that trips you up on this test (and for most people it’s logic games), then consider hiring a private tutor for a few hours to go over the mistakes you’re making. Just make sure it’s someone who you already know is a good teacher because the last thing you need is to be further confused right before the exam.

4. On test day, don’t talk to anyone. Don’t join the throngs of nervous people, don’t listen to the cocky jerk who says he already got a 175 but really wants a perfect 180. And – especially important – don’t talk to anyone after the test about the test. This includes discussion boards.

5. Be aware of the deadline for canceling a score. I’ll post more about whether to cancel, but here are can see my previous posts about when to cancel an LSAT score.

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