June LSAT Takers: It’s Time to COMMIT.

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The June 2010 LSAT is just over two months away. For those of you thinking, considering, and/or planning, it’s time to start DOING.

Here are 3 easy no-reason-to-panic-yet steps to get yourself on the right path for the June LSAT:

1. Register for the June LSAT ASAP. Although you have officially until May 4th to sign up, the best locations fill up quickly so get on the ball.

2. Commit to an LSAT prep method and make it your commitment for the next two months. Your mindset should be “Do it once and do it right!”

“[LSAT] is a standardized exam that requires significant preparation. It is not something you can take blind or cold. . . unless you prepare adequately, you will not receive the score that truly measures your aptitude.” The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert, pp. 32-33

Here are some resources for information about different prep options, including self study, lecture courses, online courses, and private tutors. Do your research. Don’t just pick the company that advertises the most. Think about how you learn, what your schedule is like, and what works best for your lifestyle. Ask questions!

Here are two of my previous posts with information about specific companies and considerations in hiring an LSAT prep company and/or tutor:

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3. Refuse to panic. Map out your study schedule. Mark the date of May 16th on your calendar. If you haven’t really delved into studying, if you know you haven’t been as dedicated as you should, if you are not hitting consistent practice exam scores on timed exams, or if you still have a score in the 140s or below, then May 16th is your last “out” to opt out of the exam without penalty. If you don’t feel ready, go with your gut and regroup for the October exam.

Three easy steps. Now get going!

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