June LSAT Scores are Released!

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June LSAT Scores are due to come out any minute. Law School Expert, Ann Levine, has recorded a 2 minute video with advice on what to do when you get your score.

If you want to see more 2-Minute Tips from Ann Levine, check out the Law School Expert channel on youtube.com.

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  1. Thought the June 2012 LSAT was very weird in terms of the game types and the surprise of having two pages per game (which is less than ideal when you’re working at a desk the size of an index card). I wound up with a 167. At my test center, the air condition was not working, and it was about 90 degrees w/ no ventilation. I’m confident that if I took it again in October, I could get at least a 170. I’m wondering if you think it’s worth re-taking. Based on scatter plots of T14 schools, it looks as if you’re very likely to get in to a number of them with a 170 and even a reasonable GPA, whereas the chances are much worse with a 167. Is this an accurate evaluation, or are these data sets too limited to be reasonable predictors? I’m also wondering how it would look to add a score of 170 or so, versus just sticking with my current scores of 162 (five years ago), cancel (three years ago), and 167? Thanks for any advice you can give!

  2. I unfortunately did not do well. I got a 145, gpa 3.4 with a masters degree in health care law, I have a BS in Nursing as well. I have to go to school part time and where I like there is only one possible option open to me. I’m guessing the October test is in my future. *sigh*

  3. I’m a big fan of your book, it really helped me through the application process. Now that I’ve done all that, I’ve got to choose between UCLA and GW Law. UCLA will give me a $92,000 scholarship (with the potential for another 20k in needs based grants) and GW has offered me $140,000. I think I’m looking at a fairly similar debt load either way. I’m from Los Angeles and love the city, but I’m wondering if GW has anything to offer that UCLA doesn’t that should make me choose it over UCLA. Any advice you might have would be greatly appreciated!

    1. David, I’m thrilled to hear the book was helpful. If you are from LA and want to be in LA, choose UCLA!!! To me, that’s a no-brainer! Congrats on having this fabulous choice!!!!

  4. Hampsterdam, I don’t know your GPA/undergrad record or anything else about you but I have clients with 168-169 who get into Top 5s, but with stellar undergraduate records. With less stellar GPAs, people with 170-171 are going to top 10 law schools….. I would need to know a lot more about you to tell you which category you fall into.

    Your 5 year old score will be off the books. The cancel doesn’t matter. So it would really just be the 167 and 170, and I think a 170 in October is worth the increase. You’d still be taking advantage of rolling admissions.

  5. Thanks! My undergrad GPA is below average, but with a significant upward trend and a 3.875 in my first year of a Masters of public policy program at an ivy league school. I think I will retake the LSAT one last time and shoot for a 172+.

  6. My son got a 180 on the June LSATs !! He had studied for 2-3 weeks by simply taking several(9-10) 4 hour practice tests. It was worth every minute he studied. He just graduated from an Ivy league school with a double major and a 3.93 GPA. We are hoping that he gets to have his choice. Good luck to everyone. the fun is just about to begin!

  7. Hi Ann(or anyone)!,

    I am hoping you can answer my question. I initially took the LSAT last October and scored 162. While I do not feel like I threw everything at test prep (I kept feeling like, towards the end, that I was slowly but steadily coming into the process of understanding the test and especially the Logic Games section but was running out of time to continue practicing before October), I have read threw many statistics that say a significant score jump is unlikely.

    The first time around I studied with a Testmasters course, and worked through…not nearly enough of their materials. I have probably 3 or more full test question books, untouched(and now unusable unless I find answer keys elsewhere).

    My gpa is 3.7 and I have already graduated. I want to eventually settle and practice in southern California, so would be very happy with USC or UCLA admissions with $$.

    I did apply for this cycle, and received no $$ at UC Hastings with waitlist at USC. Not very satisfied as I disliked Hastings’ prospects without some money incentive.

    In summary:
    1. I scored 162 by going through a prep course and overall average to below average test prep. Lots of unfinished material and no more than 10-11 practice tests total.
    2. Desirable score is 170+. Goal is USC/UCLA with money, or higher in the t14 if 3.7 and 170+ puts me into position.
    3. At this point, if I bite the bullet and withdraw from the waitlist/Hastings, I’d have to take the December LSAT for 4 months of solid prep-would this be too late for Fall 2013? I had initially wanted to take a year off before law school for other reasons, but having to take 2 years makes me uncomfortable.

    4. Is it even possible to increase my score nearly 10 pts or more? I have a feeling that as most complete 20-30+ practices tests that as I barely did half of that number, I have improvement space. As well, because I barely understood logic games, I had improvement space. However, I don’t know how to feel like I won’t become part of the retake=lose statistic!

    In the meantime if I chose to restudy, I have a reasonable job offer at a law firm which will pay enough to cover my expenses. However, I do have to get back to them soon on it, so I hope someone has advice for me ASAP!

    1. Grace, This is Ann (I answer everything personally!).
      December is fine for a re-take. Absolutely. If you didn’t put your all into LSAT prep, you have potential for improvement. I can’t guarantee you that you can reach 170 but it’s worth trying to hit it. You have a job offer, so it sounds like waiting makes sense for you so long as you have time to study and work simultaneously.

  8. Hi Ann,
    I received my LSAT score and got a big lump in my throat! I ended up with a 144 and a 3.8 GPA. I have 10 years of work experience (which includes Paralegal experience) extensive community service volunteering, and what I believe to be a strong personal statement. I realize that I will need to re-take the LSAT and work toward a much better score, my question is, 1. How important is the personal statement? (do law schools even bother reading it once they see the 144?) and my second question, which test prep do you recommend? Thank you in advance for your time Ann!



    1. Lillian, Every application gets read. Everything in your application matters. You left another message where you said you couldn’t afford LSAT prep, but take a look at some online programs. LSAT Freedom is only $69/month for 10 months. LSATMax offers a course through your phone or iPad for $349.

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