Jocelyn’s Testimonials

Law School Expert testimonials

Accepted at a Top 20 school even though below the 25th percentile in both categories…

Law school expert? More like law school admission magicians. I don’t know how else to describe the premiere service Jocelyn provided. I regret not contacting Law School Experts sooner. It would have saved me months of heartache and lost sleep.

I was a non-traditional applicant. I searched the ends of the Internet looking for advice specific to me. I found snippets here and there, but very little of it was helpful. Making matters worse, I was holding down a 60-hr/wk job which made communications difficult during the workday. It was already January and I hadn’t yet submitted my first application! In comes Jocelyn like “the wolf” from Pulp Fiction.

Within 6 days (consisting of talking to me around 11pm every night and on weekends), she masterfully helped me reformulate my entire resume and provided expert input on how to maximize the value of my personal statement. Being just below the 25th percentile on the LSAT and WELL below the 25th percentile for the GPA, those two documents were absolutely key to being admitted into a top 20 school. Jocelyn’s guidance allowed me to see the admission process from a different perspective. A perspective you’ll never get from the Internet. If you’re asking yourself if their service is truly worth the investment, consider me exhibit A.


Heading To Harvard Law School With Jocelyn’s Help

I can honestly say I would not be heading to Harvard Law School without Jocelyn’s help. From her insight during the brainstorming until the final editing, she made absolutely certain that my application and personal statement conveyed the appropriate message. Jocelyn truly cares about your success and she will do everything she can to ensure you are providing a compelling representation of yourself as a prospective law student. She’s always friendly, answers emails promptly and, honestly, was an overall pleasure to work with. Jocelyn was instrumental in the law school application process which enabled me to reach my dream of attending Harvard Law School. I am confident that she will do her best to help you achieve yours as well.


Admitted to 11 Law Schools, 4 in the top 10

I could not imagine going through the admissions process without Jocelyn. Thanks to her invaluable counsel, and thoughtful commentary and edits, I was admitted to 11 law schools, 4 of which were in the top 10, the rest of which were top 20. I feel incredibly blessed to have had my choice of schools, most of which with considerable scholarship, and it was all thanks to Jocelyn. It has been a dream come true.

From my first phone call with Jocelyn, I felt that she really understood me as an applicant, my specific circumstances and background and how best to package it. Also, I really felt like we were a team. I had only 2 weeks from that phone call to my goal submission date, and she helped me meet that goal, due in no small part to her prompt replies and flexible scheduling. (I live in California, she is in New York)

My parents, who generously purchased the hours for me, agree that it is the best money they have ever spent. Jocelyn, We really can’t thank you enough for everything!


Penn Law With Jocelyn’s Guidance And Support

I cannot believe it has been over a year since I applied to law school. Now, as a 1L, I can honestly say that I would not have been admitted to Penn without Jocelyn’s guidance and support. I always knew that I wanted to go to a school like Penn, but for a while it seemed that the LSAT was not going to let that happen. After receiving my first LSAT score, I was overcome with disappointment and incredibly discouraged. It only took one phone call with Jocelyn to calm me down and get me back on track. She was honest and realistic with me about my chances of getting into certain schools. Her knowledge of what schools look for in a memorable personal statement was invaluable to me, and the exercises she gave to help me get started were helpful and thought-provoking. Jocelyn made applying to law school a more manageable process. I cannot imagine applying to law school without her help!

~Samantha K

I Will Be Attending The Law School That Was My First Choice

I am extremely grateful for Jocelyn’s assistance in constructing my personal statement for law school. At first, I was stumped and unsure about what I could write about. However, Jocelyn read my resume and carefully listened to my life experiences, and subsequently showed me what points I could discuss. Thanks to Jocelyn, I immediately felt less stressed and more comfortable with the application process.  Jocelyn was also very flexible in scheduling appointments. I am so happy that I decided to enlist Jocelyn’s services and would definitely recommend her to anyone going through the law school application process.

I am pleased to report that I will be attending my first choice law school and I truly believe that Jocelyn’s help in constructing my personal statement played a huge role in my acceptance. Thanks, Jocelyn!


Columbia Law With A Full Scholarship

I had an amazing experience with Law School Expert. I worked with Jocelyn for five hours to polish my essays and addenda. She was extremely helpful, friendly, and professional. Her advice dramatically changed the way that I approached my personal and diversity statements, and I felt that by the end of the process, both essays were much improved. I was accepted into Columbia Law with a full scholarship and I know that Jocelyn’s help was instrumental in making that happen.


Attending UCLA Thanks To Jocelyn

Jocelyn is an amazing editor and advisor. I felt so much more relaxed as I worked on my law school applications once Jocelyn helped me to refine and edit my personal statement and addenda. After our initial discussion, she knew exactly what I needed to make my application the best it could be. Jocelyn answers phone calls and emails promptly, and is always there to push you on to the next step. I feel like I did everything myself, but without her guidance my applcations would not have been nearly as good as they are now. Most importantly, you can tell that she truly cares about your individual application and she rally wants to support you as you move on to law school. As I started hearing back from law schools, Jocelyn made herself available to answer any and all questions and concerns that came up. I applied to 9 schools and was accepted at 6 first. I was waitlisted at my top choice, UCLA. Jocelyn helped me to write my letter of continued interest and gave me advice about a phone interview. I was accepted off the waitlist and will be attending UCLA thanks to Jocelyn’s professional support. Thank you, Jocelyn!

~Cameron G

Working With Jocelyn Was INCREDIBLE

I just recently finished working with Jocelyn Glantz and it was an INCREDIBLE experience! I recently left the military after serving approximately seven years of active duty in the Army. I have a below average GPA and LSAT score but a strong professional background. After working with Jocelyn on my personal statement, resume, addendum and diversity statement I am extremely confident that I will be accepted into one of my top 3 schools. She was able to use all of my experience and professional success to create a dynamic application despite having weaknesses in some key areas. Even if you think your personal statement and other parts of your application are already strong. Jocelyn can help add so much more to them. She’s been invaluable to my law school application process and I give her my highest recommendation. I am grateful that I was able to find and work with her!

~Robert M.

Better Than I Ever Could Have Hoped For

My status checker updated today, and I got into Michigan, my #1!!!!!!! Go blue!!!!

Thank you, Thank you for everything! So far, I’m at 9 acceptances, 0 rejections and 4 scholarships! Even better than I could have hoped for.


I Can’t Thank Jocelyn Enough For Her Guidance and Support…”

In the past week, I found out that I was accepted to Tulane with a generous scholarship, and I also received my acceptance letter from Vanderbilt! These acceptances came just a week after I sent in my applications. I can honestly tell you that without Jocelyn’s help, I wouldn’t have had such a strong application. I had no idea where to start with my law school applications in late September, but with her help, I perfected my resume and completed my personal statement and supplements with no trouble at all. I met my goal and completed my applications before Thanksgiving. There was never  a doubt in my mind that if I needed help with something I could send her an email and get a quick response. To be honest, I don’t remember waiting more than 12 hours for a response.

It was definitely money well spent. I can’t thank Jocelyn enough for her guidance and support during one of the craziest times of my life!


I Am So happy!

Thank you so much! I wish I found you months ago! You have made me so much more confident and prepared. I am submitting my first application tonight. I am so happy!

~Lindsay B.

Grateful and Amazed

I first contacted Jocelyn for help with my personal statement and resume. I felt they were the best I could make them and was pleased to see them improved with Jocelyn’s help.

I returned to Jocelyn for help preparing for an interview. Jocelyn addressed many tough questions with me which were not asked in the interview, however, I was so well-prepared that I was more confident than I would have otherwise been. Honestly, I was a basket-case when I called Jocelyn, but by the time of my interview, I was totally calm and collected. Going into the application process, I felt very unsure of my ability to succeed at it. Jocelyn helped me feel capable and worthy of the schools I was applying to.

I had to think long and hard before forking over the cash for consulting. Well…now that I have the results, I am grateful.

I was not denied from any school I applied to, for which I am grateful and amazed.  I received a $54,000 scholarship to Duke and I plan to attend there.

Followup: Jocelyn Is Truly An Advocate For Women Law School Applicants

I’m getting settled in to my 1L year at Duke, and I thought of you today. I wanted to send you a little note to thank you for helping me get to this point. It’s such an adventure (to put it mildly) but no matter how stressful it can be, I never forget how grateful I am to have an opportunity like this so late in the game. I’m glad to know that there are people out there like you to help women get back into the “world” after a long break at home. I know you help all kinds of applicants, but I feel you are truly an advocate for women.

~Caroline S.

Jocelyn Made My Law School Application Standout

A huge thank you to Jocelyn for all of your help!

I had two pretty low LSAT scores and while my GPA wasn’t bad it was only average; I needed something to make my application standout, and that is where Jocelyn comes in. She helped me put together the strongest package I possibly could, and it definitely paid off! I chose to apply to only one school and I was accepted to my first, and only, choice law school.

Jocelyn was a joy to work with and she made the whole application process so much less stressful. She was always available for me when I needed her help and she went well above and beyond to make sure everything was perfect for me! I know Jocelyn truly cared about me and did everything she could to send me off with the best application possible.

With Jocelyn’s help I am preparing to attend law school this fall! I would recommend Jocelyn, she has been a God-send!!! Thank you, Jocelyn, so very much!!

~Jocelyn B.

Attending Duke Law In Fall With GPA Below The 25th Percentile

Working with Jocelyn was one of the best decisions I could have made for my law school application cycle. I came to Jocelyn with only a week left before I wanted to submit my applications. It was crunch time and she provided all the application support I needed (even through Hurricane Sandy when she had no power!) With Jocelyn’s help I was able to completely revamp my personal statement, resume and specialized essays. Her input was invaluable and, as a result of her help, I was able to present my best self in my law school applications. Thanks to our combined efforts, I will be attending Duke Law in the fall with a GPA far below the 25th percentile.

~Meg L.

Attending Loyola With A Scholarship

Before I started working with Jocelyn, I was floundering. I had draft after draft of my personal statement, and I knew they were all terrible. I scoured the web for advice on personal statements and there’s a lot out there, but none of it was helpful or very well-written. Jocelyn coached me to write something personal and creative, and after throwing out several essays, we found a narrative that was uniquely me but still fit into the format that the admissions offices are looking for. Her expertise from having read thousands of applications was invaluable. She helped me in countless ways. I will be attending Loyola Law School in Los Angeles with $100,000 in merit scholarships. The investment in Jocelyn has clearly paid off.


I Cannot Recommend Jocelyn Enough

I reached out to Jocelyn during the treacherous time of my law school admissions process. After receiving a less than stellar score on the October LSAT, Jocelyn encouraged me to take the exam again. I had serious apprehensions about applying late and the risk of receiving another poor score, but she reassured me and my score improved! In the interim, Jocelyn assisted me in crafting an incredible personal statement that conveyed my story perfectly. With her help, my personal statement clearly and concisely expressed all the events that led me to law school while highlighting my greatest achievements and what made me unique.

While my score did improve, there was only a 4 point difference between my two scores; however, I truly believe it was because of Jocelyn’s encouragement and her expertise in personal statement writing that I have had such success in my admission to law school. I have been accepted to over 12 law schools, many of which offered me substantial scholarships. I have also been wait listed from several reach schools that typically accept students with LSAT scores and GPA’s significantly outside of my range.

I cannot recommend Jocelyn’s services enough. She is worth every penny and you will not be disappointed. I am so thankful for all of her help and I could not have gotten through this process without her.


Jocelyn’s Expertise and Guidance Made the Difference

Jocelyn, it must be amazing for you to know that you have helped someone achieve a lifelong goal, whether they’ve had that goal for 10 years or 40! I just heard today that I was accepted to Temple Law and I had to let you know and say thank you. I’ve been out of school for so long that I wasn’t sure how to best approach my personal statement. Your expertise and guidance really made the difference for me.


Thank You For Everything!!!

I hope all is well and I would really like to thank you again for all of your help. I have received acceptances to schools that have denied people with way better numbers than mine, so I know my personal statement, resume, addendums, etc. are definitely a positive factor in my application.

So, again, thank you for everything!


Jocelyn’s Input And Insight Were Invaluable

Jocelyn was very beneficial in my application process. What we started with and the product that we produced were day and night. Her input and insight were invaluable, helping me produce a higher quality personal statement, addenda and resume. Thanks, Jocelyn!


Jocelyn’s Services Truly Exceeded My Expectations

For anyone who wants to construct a strong and compelling law school application, I highly recommend the hourly consulting with Jocelyn Glantz. She is very prompt in responding to emails and is honest and direct when helping with statements and other aspects of the application. After just a brief consultation, I could immediately sense her excitement and passion for helping prospective law school students. My GPA was above the median for my dream school but my LSAT score was not. With these two things, accompanied with a unique personal back story, I struggled to create an application that effectively conveyed my talents to prospective law schools. Jocelyn helped me to construct an application that not only highlighted my strengths but also used my personal story in an effective way. Her services truly exceeded my expectations and I am very satisfied with my application. I am happy to say that I will be attending a top 14 law school in August.

Thanks, Jocelyn and Law School Expert!


 I Truly Could Not Have Done It Without Jocelyn’s Help

Jocelyn Glatnz’s services are everything I expected them to be and more. I truly did not realize how many significant details I was overlooking in not only writing my personal statement, but also the entire law school application process prior to working with her. After just a brief consultation with her, I could already see how passionate she was about helping prospective law students reach their goals, and I think that’s what sets her apart from others. Aside from that, she is truly an expert at what she does. She helped me along every step of the way and made the entire process significantly less stressful for me. After writing several statements on my own and discarding them, I finally have something I am extremely happy with, and I truly could not have done it without Jocelyn’s help. I highly recommend her to any prospective law student who wants their application to stand out. Her services are worth every penny and more.

~Christina N.

With Jocelyn’s Help, In At Fordham Law

I learned about Law School Expert fairly late in the application process, after I had submitted my applications. However, when I was waitlisted at Fordham Law, my top choice school, I reached out to Jocelyn to see what she had to say about being admitted off of the waitlist. She always responded to my emails within a few hours, and she was extremely accommodating about the fact that I was overseas and negotiating a 12 hour time difference. Jocelyn looked over all my documents and highlighted my strengths and weaknesses. She has a unique understanding of the law school admission process and I knew right away that I could trust her judgment. She convinced me to apply to schools that I had not considered earlier. I was admitted to both which put me at ease as we headed toward the summer. Jocelyn talked to me when I was contemplating taking the June LSAT and helped me decide to go ahead with it. I improved my score from a 161 to a 167 and received an offer of admission from Fordham Law the next day. I was ecstatic!

With Jocelyn’s help, my dream came true. Thank you, Jocelyn!

~Lili Z.

Top 25 School With Scholarship

I will be attending a top 25 law school on a significant scholarship in large part to Jocelyn’s help! Receiving a very low LSAT score was devastating. I thought my dream of going to a top 50 law school would never come true.  However, working with Jocelyn, I was able to develop a strong application that caught the attention of several law school admission committees. What I found most helpful was Jocelyn’s keen sense of awareness of the admission process. In reviewing drafts of my personal statement, Jocelyn motivated me to write a concise and memorable essay based on my own real-life experiences. Aware of the importance of submitting my application in a timely manner, she was always prompt in responding to my questions. Jocelyn also helped me to come up with creative ideas that made me stand out from other applicants. I am very appreciative of Jocelyn’s help and I would definitely recommend her to other law school applicants.

~A very satisfied law student

Jocelyn Is Accessible And Was Indispensable In My Application Process

At first I questioned the idea of a law school admissions consultant. I thought it was my mother overreacting to the admission process. I can gladly say that I was completely wrong about the whole idea. Jocelyn became indispensable to me in the following ways: making me feel accountable to deadlines I set for myself, being candid with me about the clarity and content of my personal statements, and being able to answer the many random questions about my application that I’d wake up in the middle of the night to write down. She is committed to making sure the hours you pay for count. She is incredibly accessible, especially for students who work and are not available until the end of the day. I strongly recommend working with Jocelyn. She will provide you with a perspective that is invaluable when contending with the law school application process.

~Geoffrey L.

Jocelyn Provided Unrestrained Honesty

The key factor in the support I received from Jocelyn was her unrestrained honesty when reviewing my essays and personal statements.  You generally cannot (and should not) rely on family or friends to tell when something is not working for you on the essays. Her willingness to tell me when I was moving in the wrong direction was so appreciated. Believe me, you want to know something like this before you submit the essays to your top choice school. Beyond that, her support and encouragement helped me to remain calm during the stressful application process which kept that anxiety from spilling over into my family life.  I would recommend Jocelyn to anyone who asked.

~Nicolas B.

Jocelyn is a Game Changer: Admitted to My Dream School

I was clearly not qualified for a top 100 law school, let alone top 50- until I worked with Jocelyn. She is an invaluable asset in the application process. She is a game changer.

I had a low GPA with a respectable LSAT score and I had planned to apply to schools on my own. As the deadlines approached, I began to develop writer’s block and found Jocelyn got in touch with me immediately. During the initial phone call, I told her my top three schools and my definitive number one. After looking at admissions statistics for those schools, I began to realize how much of a long shot I was for all three- it didn’t matter to Jocelyn. With her priceless assistance, I continued to work through the application process. She provided advice and encouragement every step of the way. My first choice school had a later deadline than the others, and so we really focused on it.

Jocelyn is truly remarkable. I couldn’t believe it when I was admitted to the school of my dreams. I will always be extremely grateful for her patience, guidance, encouragement, and professional expertise. She made something happen that no one thought was possible. You’d be a fool to not use Jocelyn.

~Mark T.

Without Jocelyn, I Would Have Been Lost

I am grateful for all the help Jocelyn has provided with my personal statement and addenda. She promptly returns emails with revisions to my drafts then schedules phone calls so that we can discuss any other pertinent issues surrounding my applications. Without Jocelyn, I would have been lost and made many mistakes along the way. Moreover, I really appreciated that she genuinely cared. An important lesson I learned from Jocelyn was to write like a lawyer- short and concise. There are many perceived weaknesses in my application, but we were able to present them in a manner which mitigates any negative connotation. Do yourself a favor and hire Jocelyn!

~S. Shafizadeh

Non Traditional Applicant: “Best Investment You Could Make in Your Future”

“I just finished working with Jocelyn Glantz for the fall 2012 admissions cycle. I am writing this before I begin submitting my applications. I have a below average LSAT score and a good GPA. I am a 39 year-old, nontraditional student. Jocelyn helped me refine my personal statement through several drafts; it now reads like the real story of who I am and what I have to contribute to law schools. She helped me craft appropriate addenda and a law school specific resume. Jocelyn is extremely busy, yet promptly responded to all of my emails. She scheduled telephone conferences to discuss different questions and concerns I had. Jocelyn never once made me feel rushed. In fact, I am confident that she makes each of us feel like her most valued client. Along with being a law school admissions expert as well as an outstanding editor, she will be your counselor through this very stressful process. It felt like I was talking to a friend; she is so encouraging and supportive. Whether or not I realize my dream of going to law school, I will never regret hiring Jocelyn. Because of her expertise, I know that I am doing everything within my power to be successful. I am so grateful to her for her help and advice. Furthermore, I know Jocelyn did everything she could to help me; she said she is “rooting for me;” that is the one thing I am 100% confident about! I will update everyone if I am accepted to law school. If I am accepted, I will owe most of the credit to Jocelyn’s expert assistance. I strongly recommend Jocelyn’s services to anyone. She’s the best investment you could ever make in your future!”

~D. Merrell

Remarkable Passion For Helping Her Clients

Everyone knows the law school admission process cam be grueling, monotonous and, at many times, quite disheartening. After receiving a low score on my first LSAT due to illness, I was extremely discouraged, as I had prepared for months and felt I could do better. Jocelyn’s patient guidance, realistic attitude and sound advice gave me the self-confidence I needed to sign up for the next administered LSAT. I ended up improving my score by 11 points and ranking within the 92nd percentile! Other than my family, Jocelyn was the first person with whom I wanted to share the great news!

I remembered her words so clearly, “go get that higher score and let’s start drafting your score differential addendum!!” That was exactly what we did.

Throughout the whole process, she never boasted unrealistic possibilities and always made sure I was careful in my school selection. After receiving my first acceptance letter, I knew working with Jocelyn was one of the best decisions I could have made during this process! I received one of the school’s highest merit scholarships awarded and still have high hopes for acceptance to my other top choices.

Aside from her professionalism, EXTREMELY PROMPT responses and being among the best in her industry, Jocelyn exemplifies genuine benevolence and a remarkable passion for helping her clients. I consider myself very lucky to have met and worked with her!

~Behnaz S.

Re-Applying After Rejections: This Year, Scholarship!

Last year, I applied to law schools and did not receive admission to any of them. After consulting with Jocelyn, I not only received admission to more than one school, but also received a substantial scholarship and fellowship opportunity. Without her assistance, I might have given up. We worked together on my personal statement and it contained the same information but in a more engaging manner. Writing about yourself in a positive, yet humble way is a difficult task, but Jocelyn guided me through every step of the process. I was extremely proud to submit my applications. Thank you, Jocelyn for everything!

~Jessica V.

Jocelyn Gave Me The Best Possible Chance At Success

“I was so nervous applying to law schools because my LSAT score was significantly lower than the 25th percentile for my dream school. Jocelyn encouraged me to put in an application anyway, claiming that although I would not be a typical admit, you never really know what might peak the interest of the admissions committee. I submitted my application and braced myself for the rejection.

At this time, I have received acceptances from several schools I never thought would even consider me and I am currently waitlisted at the school of my dreams! I am confident this is direct result of working with Jocelyn! She really knows how to package an applicant to give them the best possible chance at success.”

~Audrey G