Inspiration for your Law School Personal Statement

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Those of you who took the July LSAT have a long wait ahead for your score. Why not use that time to get started on your law school personal statement and get a head start on your application materials?

In The Law School Admission Game, you can learn more about the purpose of the personal statement and get some ideas on how to brainstorm topics given your strengths and weaknesses as an applicant, but I wanted to provide a bit of inspiration here as well.

The main points of the video:

  1. Stop stressing – start writing.
  2. Be authentic; avoid copying a formula for a sample essay.
  3. Don’t try to share everything about your entire life; think about what would be relevant and impactful.
  4. Avoid writing your own letter of recommendation; go for humility, introspection, focus, direction, maturity and perspective.
  5. Watch this two and a half minute video for a full explanation and inspiration to get started on your essay.

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