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I recently did a podcast interview for Insider Secrets : “Getting Into Law School” – you can listen to it or read the transcript. In it, I discuss how to choose an LSAT prep program, choosing a law school, taking on debt, putting together your applications, resumes, wait lists, low LSAT scores, and about a thousand different things related to law school admission. I’m happy to take questions here and/or entertain your comments and thoughts.

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  1. Hi Ann,

    Quick question or clarification, I don’t think it was asked in the link above you provided, if it was I apologize, I must have overlooked it.

    My question is when LS admissions post the median GPA on their website that they admit students with .. is that number the cumulative number or is it the marks of the last two years? I’ve spoken with a few LS admission committee and they all seem to be in agreement that they look at your last two years.. and your cumulative GPA…Could you perhaps clarify this for me please?

    1. N- The median GPA number counts the Cumulative GPA as per your LSAC Academic Summary Report.
      Law school admission officers do notice an upward trend in grades, but that has nothing to do with what they report for their statistics.

  2. Thank you for that clarification, which now leads me to ask your professional opinion on matters of UGPA.

    My cumulative GPA is 2.97 where as my GPA for my two seniors years is well above a 3.4 ( with an LSAT score of 168). Would it be beneficial for me to hold on on graduating (and applying to law schools) and re-take a few courses that I did poorly in to bring up the UGPA?

    1. N – retaking courses does not improve your LSAT GPA. You need an addendum re: your grades but with your great LSAT, if you “sell” yourself well you will still get promising results in the cycle. Please let me know if I can help.

  3. Is that because even though my UG school counts the new grade of a course re-taken, LSAC will not count it? I have not applied to graduate yet so I was under the impression that those grades would still count towards my GPA.

    But thank you for your advice.

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