I Have an LSAT Score; Now What?

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Here is a link to a post from last year about what to do once getting your June LSAT score. And here is a previous post that may help you decide whether to retake the LSAT or just go ahead and apply early in the rolling admissions process with your current score.

If you’re keeping your score, then it’s time to talk about selecting schools. Here are some posts that may be useful to you in starting this process:

1. How much of a role should a law school’s ranking play in your decision to apply there? See this post about the emphasis on rankings.

2. How many law schools to apply to? See this post for a good rule of thumb on selecting schools.

The adventure begins!

2 Responses

  1. So my husband is a blind, 35 year old who just took the LSAT in June. He got a 143. What are his chances getting into a good school? I’m new at this but found your blog from google. Any advice would be GREAT! Thanks!

  2. Hi Abby, it’s so hard for me to provide personal advice on the blog format because I need a lot of information to give a well reasoned opinion. I do offer consulting services, which you can learn about through my web site at http://www.lawschoolexpert.com.

    I assume your husband received accommodations for the LSAT and in his undergraduate career. If he did not receive accommodations then I would highly suggest a re-take of the test with the appropriate modifications.

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