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In this podcast, I read an excerpt from Chapter 10 (“The Personal Statement”) of “The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert” SECOND EDITION!  It’s new! Revamped! Re-written! And much more extensive than the original bestselling law school guide. The book will be released on the day of the June LSAT (June 10, 2013) on Amazon.

Here are the topics covered in the podcast:

  • What is a law school personal statement?
  • What are law schools looking for in a personal statement?
  • What should I write about in my personal statement?
  • What topics should I avoid in my law school personal statement?
  • Can I use the same essay for every law school I apply to?
  • How long should my personal statement be?
  • What should I put in my personal statement as opposed to my diversity statement and/or addendum?

For more, here is a 2-minute video I did on “What Not To Write About in Your Law School Personal Statement” on YouTube.

Also see this 2-minute video on Law School Personal Statement Tips.

I hope the podcast and videos give you lots of encouragement and direction as you begin your law school personal statement! For more, catch the new book when it comes out next month.

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  1. Hello,

    I’ve just finished your book, and I have a question regarding study abroad as a topic. How distinct is this from writing about travels? I’m not talking about “I drove on the left side” traveling. However, I’m considering writing an addendum for a part-time semester at my undergraduate institution. I was supposed to study abroad in Uganda, but I decided to stop over in Egypt first. It was my first solo travel adventure, and it just so happened to be when the Egyptian Uprising took place. To make a long story short, I got evacuated to Turkey and then returned to Chicago. Instead of taking a semester off, I took two independent study courses, both of which were research-based. I just think it’s worth addressing the fact that I have a pretty light semester on my transcript.

    I’m also considering writing about traveling for my personal statement. The summer before I started my MA, I spent three months traveling alone in Africa. I was there to do self-funded research for my MA, as well as to work on a sustainable development project. I think it might be a good topic, because it highlights a lot of my strengths (independence, research skills, development/human rights interests, etc.). I just wanted to ask if this would be a decent topic, because your book made me nervous about writing about travels!



    P.S. Your book was SO helpful.

    1. Danielle, I’m so happy the book is helpful. I think your experiences in Egypt/Turkey would be great for a personal statement – what you learned from traveling in terms of gaining independence and adjusting to stressful circumstances is absolutely a great topic.

  2. Hello,

    I am considering focusing my personal statement on my experience with fostering children through the Department of Children Services. I want to talk about this because fostering is a very big reason why I decided to apply to law school. I have seen the good and the bad of the courts, judges, and lawyers. I want to highlight also how I have seen different perspectives through this and my undergraduate school. Is this a good enough topic to show my desire to be an attorney?

    1. Tamera,
      I am also a foster parent! I am so glad to hear from you- isn’t there sssssoooo much bad with the system, but the children are amazing and therefore it’s all worth it?
      And, yes, it’s a great topic!~

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