How to Politely Withdraw Your Application

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There are two reasons to withdraw a law school application:
1. You were accepted and you know you do not want to attend; or
2. You were waitlisted and you know you do not want to attend.

In either case -although you’re not required- it’s nice to let the school know your intentions so they can move on to other prospective students. A simple one-sentence email to the admission office thanking them for their acceptance but politely declining is all you need to do.

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  1. Ann, I’d like to start off my comment by letting you know that I absolutely love your blog !

    I put down deposits at two schools, but now I wish to withdraw since I am considering retaking the LSAT and working on having an overall better cycle. What is the best possible way for me to withdraw from these schools. I’d like to end on the best note possible as I know I will be reapplying to these schools as my safety schools. It’s hard too turning them down as they had offered money. Although they’re both T4, they are near my home in Los Angeles. Location is a huge deal for me.

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