How to Get a Scholarship to Law School

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Law school can be ridiculously expensive – in many areas, it’s more than you’d pay for a house. Yet there are ways to get the law schools to discount tuition -we call these arrangements scholarships. They are almost universally based on your competitiveness as an applicant: how much will your LSAC UGPA and LSAT score (or perhaps even GRE score) and/or your diversity help the law school’s ranking and statistics?

For more on how to target law schools where you may be eligible for scholarships, and how law schools evaluate candidates when awarding scholarships, read the latest issue of Pre-Law Magazine, page 22 “Scholarships 101”.

In this article, I share tips such as:

  • Selecting law schools where your numbers are strong;
  • How to most effectively negotiate a law school’s scholarship offer;
  • Applying early in the rolling admission cycle is a way to increase the amount of scholarship award;
  • Saying you got into a higher ranked school is not going to help you get an increased scholarship amount from a lower ranked school.

This is definitely the time of year to be thinking about scholarship negotiation, with deposit deadlines around the corner. So, don’t miss this article; you may be leaving money on the table.

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