How Many Times Should I Take the LSAT?

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Taking the LSAT is a big decision, but so is deciding when to take the test and how many times you should take the test. In this 2-minute tip video, I discuss when the LSAT is offered, how to choose a date, and how many times you should be planning to take the test.

The LSAT is now being offered 6 times during this admission cycle, and you are allowed to take the test as many times as necessary to obtain the score you believe is the best representation of your abilities. But, keep in mind that law schools operate on rolling admissions: there is an advantage to applying earlier in the cycle. If you’re applying to law school this fall, now is the time to plan out when you’re taking the LSAT, and to come up with a back up plan if that first plan doesn’t work out.

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  1. Hello,
    What is the best tool to use to study for this exam? Do you suggest, studying from certain books, or perhaps taking a course to prepare for the exam.

    1. Hi Janet. I have a number of suggestions on different LSAT prep options, including courses, tutors, self-study and online materials, in The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert, 3rd ed.

      1. What is the best LSAT prep class and how soon should one begin preparing for it? I am currently a sophomore in college and my goal is to begin studying in the Spring. Additionally, I am only planning to take the LSAT once.

        1. Hi – there is no “best” option. There is just a “best” option for you. There are a lot of choices. You may want to start with the LSAT chapter of my book, The Law School Admission Game. You can listen to it on Spotify or read it on Kindle Unlimited.

  2. Hi Ann,

    I read “The Law School Decision Game” before embarking on this. It was a great resource.
    With the LSAT behind me (?), now it’s time for “The Law School Admission Game.” I took the June 2018 LSAT and got a 167. I took 6 PTs, getting a 169 and a 171 on my last 2. I’m not looking to take on a ton of debt to go to Law School. In considering re-taking, my main question is the amount of merit scholarship I could get at this score vs something slightly higher. For context, I live in Seattle, graduated in 2010, and am most strongly considering the University of Washington. I am having a hard time finding information that specific. Do you have any recommendations for where I could look as I make this decision?

    Many thanks.

    1. Hi Patrick, I’m so glad the books have been helpful to you. I would reach out to the law school that you’re targeting and ask them about range for scholarship consideration!

  3. Hi Ann,
    I have a doubt. we know that LSAT exam happens 4 times in a year. so if a student did’t perform well in the first test and want to give another text in the same year. So, Can he give all the 4 text in the same year or not?

  4. I took the LSAT in July and got 164. Can I apply for Lawschools now, and still retake LSAT in October?…will my application be reconsidered after the October scores are out? (If the scores are higher than 164)
    Or will my admission be based on my first LSAT scores?

  5. I have a question will it be a read flag if you’ve taken the test once and cancelled test number 2 and wanting to retake it again?

  6. I took the LSAT this NOV and I got a score way below what I had expected and overall of a not worthy score at all. I am retaking in FEB. Assuming I make 160+ in FEB how would my lower score affect my applications?

  7. I’ve taken the LSAT once and got a 176, but think I can improve and want to maximize my chances at scholarships as much as possible. Will a retake been seen as neurotic by law schools, and is the risk of getting a lower score not worth the reward of a few more points?

    1. Christian,
      Your chances of increased scholarship at above 176 is minimal. I don’t know enough about you to guide about this, but it’s all about what you think the likelihood is for you to go up 2 or more points. It gets pretty hard to do when you’re already at that level.

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