How Can I Get Into Law School Without an LSAT Score?

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There are three ways to get into law school without taking the LSAT. The key to all of these is that you must not have an LSAT score on record; once you have taken an official LSAT and have a score (within the last five years), then none of these options will apply to you.


1. Take the GRE

First, you can take the GRE. Many law schools now accept GRE scores in lieu of the LSAT. Benefits of taking the GRE include being able to use that score for other graduate programs, including joint degree programs (such as the JD/MBA joint degree). Second, you can take the LSAT only 10 times per year, but the GRE is offered almost any day of the year. This can help you time things to take advantage of rolling admission if you missed the November LSAT and there isn’t another one until January.

However, there are also drawbacks to taking the GRE. First, because law schools have not been taking the GRE long enough to have statistical measures of success for GRE applicants versus LSAT applicants, they are more likely to put stock in an LSAT score. Second, it can be harder to predict where you’ll be competitive for admission. Third, it can be much more difficult to predict where you’ll be competitive for scholarships to law school. Fourth, if there is nothing in your background that shows law school is a natural next step for you, it may look like you’re not really committed to attending law school. Lastly, not every law school will accept a GRE score.


2. JDNext

A new program, called JDNext, is being piloted in the 2024-2025 admission cycle. See more here.  This program is just getting going, and has no proven track record or statistics on who gets into law school, or to which law schools.


3. Early Admission

The last option is a guaranteed or early admission track through your undergraduate school. Some schools offer a program where if you meet their minimum GPA threshold, you can apply to the law school without an LSAT score. However, to date these programs require an SAT or ACT score at a certain threshold. With more college students applying test-optional, fewer students will have scores for these programs.


For all of these reasons, preparing for the LSAT is the best bet for law school admission for almost all applicants.

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