Help, I’m Lost!

Not sure where you’re headed or what to ask? Not a problem! Are you…?

You’re in college, and thinking that law school could be for you. You haven’t yet taken the LSAT admissions test. You’re trying to figure out if going to law school is the right direction for you as well as how to maximize your undergraduate experience for law school admissions and scholarships.

You’ve survived the LSAT (congrats!), or you’re close to your LSAT date, you have already started thinking about your personal statement, and might even have a few law schools in mind. You’re in need of help staying on track to get your applications done on time, writing the best possible personal statement, wondering how to explain the not-so-great parts of your background, and/or figuring out which law schools will help you reach your career goals.
You want to go to law school, but you’re concerned that law schools might not take your application seriously, because your LSAT score is lower than you’d like, your GPA isn’t great, or you may have had some legal troubles in your past. These things don’t necessarily stand in the way of getting a J.D. degree. In fact, many of my clients are admitted to schools where their UGPA or LSAT are below the median – or even 25th percentile; contact me and we can discuss your specific situation.
You have your undergraduate degree, but it’s been a few years — or decades. You need help figuring out the law school admissions process, who should be writing your letters of recommendation, fitting LSAT studying in with your busy schedule, and wondering how to get law schools to take your candidacy seriously.
Your child (because they always feel like our children, no matter how old they are, don’t they?) or someone else you care about a lot has decided they want to attend law school, and you’re looking to get them the best possible help in reaching their dreams, because you might be feeling a bit out of your league.
You have a degree from a college or University not in the United States, or you earned a degree in the U.S. as an international student, and are interested in pursuing a J.D. degree from a U.S. law school. You need help navigating the process of law school admissions in the U.S., applying to schools that will carry weight with employers back home, and deciding how best to present your diversity as an applicant. Many of my clients have their undergraduate degree from educational institutions outside the United States. Contact me to talk specifically about your situation.
You’ve been admitted once, and survived your first term of law school. You’re looking to switch schools between your first and second years, and would like help ensuring that you not only make a smart decision of where to apply to now, but also want to get help getting in.

Our Client says

“I decided to work with Ann because I was a re-applicant, and I knew I had to put together a much stronger application than before. I’ve now been accepted at my dream school and definitely feel that Ann’s input has had everything to do with this result. … Continue reading →

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