Great Resources for Law School Applicants

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I wanted to share a random assortment of some great resources for those of you applying to law school:

Studying for the June LSAT? Here’s a great tool: a FREE LSAT proctor download, complete with distracting noises to prepare you for actual test conditions.

When trying to decide where to apply, there is no better resource than the ABA LSAC Official Guide to U.S. Law Schools. (Check out my cool video review and check the “helpful” box. Should I do more of these?)

New Law School Interactive podcast site with a few good downloads already posted, and a schedule of promising topics to take you through the summer.

Deciding whether to apply to law school? Check out The Law School Decision blog.

And, I have a brand new Blog Talk Radio Show coming up on Tuesday (May 11th at 8 pm EST/5 pm PST) – Don’t miss it! The Topic is: Is Law School Worth the Sacrifice? I’ll be interviewing recent law school grads about their job prospects and whether it’s something they would do all over again, knowing what they know now. Listen live (and chat questions for me to ask our participants) or download it (or listen online) anytime afterward.

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