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I really want to thank my amazing Blog Talk Radio guests from yesterday’s show – Spencer, Rebecca and Nicole offered fantastic tips and advice for people applying to law school. They are definitely using their experiences from the Fall 2009 admission cycle to help those of you applying for Fall 2010 and beyond. The show just aired last night and already I’ve gotten great comments on my Facebook page. Here are a few:

“Ann, THANK YOU THANK YOU so much for hosting tonight’s Blog Talk Radio show on “What I Wish I’d Known…” I’m planning on signing up for the October Testmasters class for the December LSAT (though I wouldn’t take it unless I felt ready)…and I can definitely see how this process can overwhelm someone! LOVE the content. Keep it coming! ♥”

“Thank you!! Please tell the guests (maybe they will see this?) that their advice was really helpful and appreciated! 🙂 ”

“Just got to listen to this and really enjoyed it! Lots of good advice, thanks!”

If you missed it, you can hear this great law school advice online or download it on iTunes. I look forward to your comments and feedback.

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