Google yourself!

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Quick – before applying to law school or for any job – Google yourself.
Does your MySpace page show you drunk in a bikini with the caption “why surf when you can ride a surfer?” (I swear, I hired a babysitter once then saw this on her MySpace page…she was gone the next day). I’m not saying the fun is over, I’m just saying that you should protect your privacy more vigorously.

Employers and admission officers check this stuff so please start controlling what’s being said about you on the internet.
This works both ways – watch what you say about others. You’re entering a profession where ethics is highly valued (no snide remarks here!). Conduct yourself accordingly.

Here’s a post that talks about a brilliant law student who didn’t get a job because of her unprofessional peers posting jealous rantings about her on message boards.

If you have any questions about this, please leave a comment – I’m happy to answer!

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