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Those of you starting law school (whether this year or next) need to think about how you will position yourself for gainful employment upon graduation. This WSJ article, “Graduating with a Major in Go-Getting”, has advice for how college students can make themselves more marketable; I think it applies to law students as well. The keys are to work your connections and gain experience.

I always tell my law school admission consulting clients that no one will hand them a job upon law school graduation- no matter where they attend. You’re going to have to work everything you’ve got. Even good grades and law review and moot court aren’t going to help unless you market yourself. Be proactive; I’ve seen too many law students become bitter about how the career placement offices at their schools “only” serve the top 10% of the class. Be your own career adviser – be in charge of your own life and you will find opportunities.

I think this is a pretty universal philosophy. So, if you’re used to other people figuring things out for you, you’re going to have a tough time in law school and in the job market. I’m happy to entertain questions and comments on this.

Coming up later this week – a thorough review of getting an MBA versus a JD, and the benefits of a JD/MBA Joint Degree (featuring interviews with the Dean of a School of Business and with an MBA and with an MBA/JD).

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