Getting Ready for the February LSAT

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For all of you February LSAT takers, here’s the best 45 minutes you’ll spend this week  – Listen to my Blog Talk Radio show with four elite LSAT Tutors talking about tips for test day. Listen to it online or download it through iTunes (BTR- Ann Levine)

Also, I’ve been hearing from a lot of people who are just deciding late in the game to apply for the Fall 2010 law school admission cycle and their practice LSAT scores definitely demonstrate that they aren’t ready. I do not advocate a last minute approach to LSAT prep or to the law school application process. To me, it usually means the person hasn’t really thought through the choice and applying to law school with an unknown (but predictably very poor) LSAT score is really throwing good money after bad. Here’s how to know if you’re really ready to take the LSAT.

For those of you who are ready, good luck this weekend!

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