Getting Ready for the Fall 2009 Admission Cycle

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The Integrated Learning Blog posted an article I wrote for them about things you can do now to prepare for the Fall 2009 Law School Admission Cycle.

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  1. I help my clients with scholarship applications and with deciding between schools (partially based upon scholarships that have been awarded). However, financial aid information (loans) itself is (a) something that is outside my area of expertise, and (b) is available to each applicant at the financial aid office of the law school they hope to attend.

  2. AIGAC members are vetted to such a degree that I was actually a bit offended! I had to submit letters of reference, my web site was reviewed with a fine tooth comb; it was slightly easier than being admitted to practice law in California. To date, there are only 40 members of AIGAC.

  3. cool. with the number of scam websites out there selling anything and everything from get-rich-quick schemes to surefire guitar techniques , it’s always better to be safe than sorry.

  4. Absolutely! Always feel free to ask someone for references, and be sure to pay using a credit card so you have some consumer protection. If the person is a member of a state bar, they have some level of credibility and you would definitely have someone to complain to if there were fraud of some kind.

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