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Ok, now I need YOUR help.

I wrote a new book. I interviewed 300 lawyers (and added my own pithy insights) to share with you everything you should know before deciding to go to law school. The book covers:

  • where to go to law school
  • what to do during law school in order to have a job when you get out
  • what different areas of law really are all about and how to decide the right path for you
  • how much money lawyers make
  • how hard they work.

This book has EVERYTHING you need to know before deciding that law school and a career in law are the right path for you, and to help you make smart career decisions. It’s only missing one thing: a title.

PLEASE HELP. I am offering a prize for best title. It’s a really good prize, I just haven’t decided what it is yet. But the better the idea, the better the reward because I need something brilliant.

My first book is called, “The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert.” A client came up with it and I loved it. She got full credit in the book in addition to a fabulous prize.

GIVE ME YOUR BEST SHOT!!! Please send me title suggestions under the comment section of this website. And I’m on a deadline. Today is Monday, July 18 and I want all ideas by THIS FRIDAY, July 22nd.


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  1. “The Law School Decision: Help from an Expert!” Or;
    “The Law School Decision: An Experts Help in Deciding if its Right for You.”

  2. “Law-ve It or Leave It! – An Insider’s Guide to Law School Admissions, Job Prospects, and Professions”

  3. “Priveleged Information: What 300 Lawyers Want to Tell YOU About Law School and the Legal Profession”

  4. Legal Eagle or Legal Turkey?: To Serve and not be Served. YOUR guide to Planning, Practicing and Profiting from a career in law.

  5. Counselling the Counselor: Informing and Empowering YOU to make the BEST decisions about law school and a legal career

  6. LAW For ONE, LAW for ALL?: “THE” insider info on admissions, law school and legal careers and is it for YOU?

  7. “The Law School Admissions Playbook: Expert Advice on Deciding to Attend Law School and Beyond”

     “The Law School Admission Game 2: A Playbook of Expert Advice from Lawyers”

     “The Law School Admission Game 2: Is law school the right path for you?

    “Law School and Beyond: Expert Interviews from Lawyers”

  8. Ok, everybody! Amazing suggestions! Love them. So creative – they definitely helped. I think i have a winner. I’m not telling you exactly what it is yet, but Monica provided the inspiration with the use of “Playbook” so she’s getting the prize – $100 to spend on Amazon!!!!! Monica, I will email you the gift certificate. Thanks, everyone, for your fabulous help.

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