Law School Optional Essays: Here Comes Georgetown Law’s Application

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Georgetown Law just released their 5 optional essay topics for this year.

In my book “The Law School Admission Game,” I refer to these as the “silly” optional essays and I really, truly love them. You have 250 words to let loose, be yourself, make an argument, be memorable, be real, and get it out. It’s my favorite kind of writing. It’s also very difficult to do well.

Here are this year’s topics:

1: One of the core values of Georgetown Law is that students and faculty learn from each other. As you imagine yourself as a member of the Georgetown Law community, what is one lesson that you have learned in your life that you will want to share with others?

2: Who is your “one phone call” and why?

3: What is the biggest ethical challenge you have ever faced and how did you handle it?

4: How would your best friend describe you? How would your biggest critic describe you?

5: Prepare a one-minute video that says something about you. Upload it to an easily accessible website and provide us the URL. (If you are using YouTube, we strongly suggest that you make your video unlisted so it will not appear in any of YouTube’s public spaces.) What you do or say is entirely up to you. Please note that we are unable to watch videos that come in any form other than a URL link.

Re: #1 – Love this question because it lets you highlight something you may not have had a chance to highlight elsewhere in the application and gives you a chance to surprise the admission committee with info about yourself.

Re: #2 – I anticipate a lot of calling “Mommy” and “Daddy” responses to this one…brace yourself, Dean Cornblatt.

Re: #3 – This is a good one. Penn has asked something similar in the past. Don’t be too idealistic. Pick something actually challenging. Share the repercussions you faced. Avoid sounding holier than thou.

Re #4 – I like these. They did a similar question last year, but I love that they ask you the critical question now too. And please don’t call yourself a perfectionist as your weakness. Please.

Re #5 – The video is a unique opportunity to be a real person. Plan what you have to say, but don’t OVER-plan what you have to say. Ask people for their opinions before you submit this.

Looking forward to a fun admission cycle if these are the optional essay questions I’ll be reviewing! Thank you, Georgetown Law!

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