From the Career Files: Lessons From Non-Traditional Law Grads

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Non-traditional applicants to law school face different barriers to admission and have different concerns regarding school choice, finances, and post-graduation career options than their counterparts who attend law school directly (or within a year or two) of graduating from college. Three recent law school graduates who fit this mold when they applied took the time to share their thoughts and perspectives in order to benefit future applicants. You can read more from Ann’s latest Above the Law article: Lessons from Non-Traditional Law Grads here.

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  1. This is a great article. Very good intel. I’m a 40 year old mid career professional just waiting for my kids to age a little before I take the leap. I wondered if I should spend the next two years working on a Juris Master degree in a specialty law area aligned with my 15 years of professional experience, or just wait and save the money. My fear is that in 2 more years I’ll be less relevant and farther removed from UG. My other dilemma is that the only school near me is Univ. of Texas and they only have a full time program. St. Mary’s is the next closest, but still an hour and a half drive away – 4 nights a week would be very difficult for me to manage logistically. I’ve even considered Seton Hall’s every other weekend program but the logistics of flying from Austin to NJ twice a month seem like a nightmare. So many barriers….

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