Financial Aid Deadlines Approach

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The deadline for completing financial aid applications is March 1st!

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  1. PHEW, I made the deadlines!!!

    I.O.U. a draft of that essay . . . almost done but I’m too tired to finish it tonight so I’ll talk to you tomorrow, Ann!

    Hey, I’ll even check out that you-know-what tomorrow, too.


  2. Ann — I enjoy your blog. I have a unique financial aid question. I’ve been admitted to a few top schools, but I haven’t been offered much scholarship money. I’ve noticed that some people with a similar GPA but higher LSAT scores have received significant money from my schools. I can’t really complain about my LSAT score, but I know I underperformed and was a few points below my practice average.

    I am planning to defer for a year for personal reasons, and I have heard that schools reassess your financial aid package on an annual basis. Is it worth retaking the LSAT during my year off in hopes that a higher score will qualify for some scholarship money?

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