February LSAT Scores Are Out

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February LSAT scores came out yesterday, just as I was enjoying a lovely lunch with my friends at BlueprintPrep.

The February LSAT is a tricky one, as evidenced by comments to this post about very low LSAT scores. (Skip to the recent comments). Here are the issues raised by this score:

1. If I submit applications by the middle/end of March, am I still going to be competitive?

2.  My score was lower than I’d expected: Do I apply now with this score or retake the LSAT and apply after the June LSAT?

3. Do I use my June LSAT score and apply hoping to get admitted and start law school mere weeks after I apply?

If you were ever going to choose a year to apply late in the application cycle, THIS IS IT. 2013 is YOUR TIME! Why? Because applications are down 38% over two years and law schools are begging for applications.  (See this post: The Time is Now To Get Into Law School – it has a handy infographic worthy of being printed and taped on your wall). However, law schools aren’t so desperate that it will make your 139 an attractive LSAT score and they will scoop you up the moment you apply. You still have to be reasonable in your expectations, especially because the law schools already have waiting lists filled with people who applied with LSAT scores from October and December. If your numbers are strong for a school, absolutely go ahead and apply now: you’ll be in good shape.

If your LSAT score from February won’t put you in range for the schools you want to attend, please stop and regroup and come up with a new timeline and strategy. Please. You won’t want to listen, of course. You’ll have already told your family and friends and that cute guy at the bar that you’re applying to law school and it would be, like, totally humiliating to change course right now and have to tell people you suck at the LSAT. (Wow, I think my Blueprint friends are rubbing off on me…one lunch and I’m snarky! I’ll work on that… let me rephrase in Ann Levine speak:)

Sometimes life gives you lemons, sometimes there are surprises. But how you deal with them is what defines you. Make a good long-term decision. Please don’t rush and apply, hoping to get in anywhere and transfer after the first year. If you do that, you’ll be one of the phone calls I get every January when 1L grades come out: “I’m not in the top half of my class but I really hate [insert random state 1,000+ miles from hometown] here and I want to go home. Can I transfer to the Top-14 school across the street from my parents’ house?” I hate, hate, hate being the person who tells you that you’re stuck in that random place that you hate. So please, for my sake, take a few months to regroup, retake the LSAT, and set yourself up for longterm success.



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  1. Hello Ann,
    I came across your blog while researching options for Law School. I have a 3.78 GPA and took the December and February to only get a 149 highest score. I really plan on applying to local schools (I live in Miami, Florida) so Nova, St. Thomas, FIU, UM, and Ava Maria(last choice). I have a double major in psych and criminal justice from 2012. I did already take a year off. Do I have a chance of getting in this year? I am really ready to start this chapter and really do not want to wait another year.
    Thank you in advance!

  2. Took the February lsat. Was disappointed with my scores . first time 131 score although i have a G.P.A of 4.00. what are my chances of law school or i should retake the exams. very disappointed.

  3. Hi Ann,
    Only 1 reply, how do you know more were low. I was [most likely] the lowest; no, not 120, but lower than my very first practice score. Suck, in ‘snarky’ language, is an understatement. What now? I knew I was not ready. The question is, will I ever be ready? I just had to try it and I did not cancel the score. Ouch. I just gotta get this, and, no, there is no other option, but June is looming, and still PLANNING to get to it. I had the same thought you wrote about to just apply to a 147 school, and explain away the low score and enhance other qualities. Yes? Maybe or No, please listen to you?

    What I don’t understand is how a low score which could be declined would hurt a subsequent application with a higher score. Will it hurt?

  4. Ann,

    I retook the February LSat and got a 157. I have a 3.88 GPA. Do you think I have a shot at schools such as St. John’s University, Brooklyn, Cardozo, Hofstra or Fordham. Thanks!

  5. Ann,

    I retook the February LSat and got a 157. I have a 3.88 GPA. Do you think I have a shot at schools such as St. John’s University, Brooklyn, Cardozo, Hofstra or Fordham. Thanks!

  6. Hi Ann,

    First of all, thank you for all of the incredible advice you provide people. I have two questions. One about my situation and the other about the professional services that you provide. First I wanted to see about my possible choices. I’m a non-traditional student(I’m 41) with a very extensive employment history with a 3.6 GPA majoring in Criminal Justice. I’m planning on taking the lsat in June. My practice scores range from 161-167. With my situation and numbers do you think I have a chance at a T-14 school and a full scholarship to a top 50 school?
    As for the question about your services , if I am interested in hiring you to help me through the application process, is it better to start with the free phone consultation or is it better to first contact you through email. Although I feel pretty comfortable with my situation, I know without a doubt that my application will be much stronger with your guidance.
    I apologize for the lengthy question and thank you in advance for all of your help!


    1. Hi Jeff,
      I think you would be in the running if your LSAT turns out to be at the higher end of that range.
      I would be very happy to talk with you – call anytime! Fill out the form on the website or just give me a call at 805-604-5039.

  7. Hi Ann,
    I have a 151 lsat score and a GPA of 3.7 from top 56 Liberal Art College in U.S. Do u think I stand a chance of getting into Harvard, Yale, Columbia? I have an impressive background ( international selected nationally to attend a UWC. Graduated and moved to the U.S. for College.)

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