Drexel Law Receives Provisional ABA Accreditation

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Thanks to one of my clients for forwarding this good news about Drexel Law School becoming Provisionally Accredited by the ABA. I am confident that this school will serve as a great option in the Philadelphia area.

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  1. Why do you think it is a great option? I have a scholarship there and am trying to decide whether or not to attend, but I am concerned about the lack of an alumni network and the uncertain job prospects.

  2. Your concerns are correct. I did say “will serve” – in the future tense. It is not necessarily a great option now and largely depends on where else you’ve been admitted and your need to be in the Philadelphia area.

  3. To Anonymous:

    Do not forget that although there are no Drexel LAW alumni as yet, there are many lawyers in the area who are alumni of Drexel undergrad. Many of them are already actively involved with the law school.

    I am a 1L and having a very positive experience. I had similar concerns, but so far, I have found that being from Drexel hasn’t been an impediment for me. I have a great summer internship with a Federal District judge. I know many 2L’s that have secured good positions for the summer as well.

    There is no doubt that we may have to do a little more legwork than the more established schools, but I have found (so far) that students who work hard and take responsibility for their job search are having no problems.

    Please let me know by posting here if you have more specific questions and come to Accepted Students Day to learn more. So far, I couldn’t be happier, and do not underestimate how it feels to have little to no law school debt. Unless you DEFINITELY want a big firm job, law school debt can lock you into taking a job you don’t want to pay your loans.

  4. Thanks so much for your response – this is one of the most useful comments ever left on my blog and I thank you for taking the time to address the concerns of an applicant.

  5. I find the need to comment as a rising 2L at Drexel Law. There is a caring and small environment at Drexel Law – the class sizes are managable – and there is a focus on preparing students for the ‘real legal world’.

    I secured a summer associate job in-house with a Fortune 100 company as a 1L out of Drexel. They are establishing a reputation in the legal community.

    If you want to be in Philadelphia, and want a great experience – do it!

  6. Hello Ann. I will be graduating from Drexel Undergrad. in June. I should be finishing up the school year with a cum GPA of 3.1 with a concentrations in Legal Studies and Political Science (both which i have excelled in). Unfortunately I have an LSAT score in the low 140’s. I just would like to know my chances of getting into Drexel Earle Mack school of Law.

  7. Vinit, the chances aren’t good. Drexel publishes a range of LSAT scores admitted, but my guess is it’s someone pretty extraordinary who gets in at under the 150 level….. I advise you to try again on the LSAT and perhaps wait and apply once you have a chance to finish up your grades on a high note as well.

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