Applying to Law School? You’re not in college anymore.

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Lately, I’ve seen a lot of behaviors from law school applicants that may have been acceptable when they were applying to college but sends the wrong message when applying to law school. Here is my Top 3 list of ways applying to law school should be treated differently than applying to college.

  1. Leave Your Parents At Home. Until you’ve been admitted to a law school, do not bring a parent with you to visit a law school. Even if you have the most well-behaved parents on the planet and they promise to stay silent and not ask a single question, don’t bring them. You’re trying to show you’re ready for professional school and you’re applying to law school because you want to be there and not because of parental pressure. (It goes without saying that a parent should never reach out to a law school for any reason).
  2. Avoid a Therapy Session. Maybe your common app essay explored your psyche, your trauma, examined a peanut butter sandwich. Now, the focus is different. Tell a story about yourself that would be shareable in a job interview. Too many adults overshare in the way a teenager would. Details from your past may be very relevant in your personal statement and/or diverse perspective essay, but the way in which you share it at age 22 should be different than when you were 17.
  3. Abide by Rolling Admissions. When applying to college, applications are all submitted and reviewed by either an Early Decision or Early Action or Regular Decision date and you find out on a date certain whether you were admitted. Law schools operate on rolling admissions, so applying in the fall months increases your chances of admission because law schools start admitting people on a rolling basis. You might hear back from a law school in a few weeks or in six months – there is no guarantee of turnaround time. However, applying in the fall will get you better results than waiting to apply in time for the deadline.

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