Don’t ask a lawyer for Law School Admission Advice

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People applying to law school often say, “I had a lawyer read my personal statement and he said it’s fine.”
I finally found a really good post supporting my position that it is an absolutely horrific idea to ask a lawyer for any kind of advice about applying to law school- and no one will be able to say it’s self-serving for a law school admission coach to say so. Here it is for your consideration, in a posting intended for an audience of lawyers. I love it! (Lawyers, I hope you take note: the next time a law school applicant asks for a letter of rec or LSAT advice, please refer her to a pre-law specialist.)

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  1. Well said and the problem is outlined right there. You mentioned that people have said- ” I had a lawyer read my personal statement and they said it was fine.”

    Do you really want your personal statement being fine?

    I don’ think so. I am thinking you want to shoot for an excellent or how about an outstanding?

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