Did you take the February 2008 LSAT?

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What should you do with your February 2008 LSAT score? Are you hoping to apply for Fall 2008? You’ll probably be ok at safety schools but anywhere that you’re mid-range or reaching is going to end up with a wait list response at best. This is the joy of rolling admissions.

It might be a better strategy to wait until Fall 2009 entry. You can really work to create impressive applications, strengthen your LORs and resumes, improve your GPA, and apply early (September/October) for the next admission cycle. This can definitely help you to be a more competitive applicant.

If you decide to do this, don’t put law school on the back-burner. Be proactive and get yourself on a time-line. The summer will be here before you know it.

P.S. I am currently accepting law school admission consulting clients for Fall 2009 and will accept fewer than 150 this year. Sign up early.

P.P.S. Trends I’m noticing: The following schools seem to be gunning it for improvement in rankings (based on the fact that they are turning down people this year that I think they would have admitted last year): Boston College, George Washington University, Northeastern, and George Mason.

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  1. That list of “gunners” includes 2 of the 4 schools to which I applied.

    Erg…figures. When you want to stay in my area, the list of schools is a pretty short one.

    On the bright side, they’ve had my application since December, and I haven’t heard decision. Perhaps that means I’m really being considered instead of launched into the reject pile.

  2. George Mason does seem to be gunning for a better ranking. Do you think, though, that most of the applicants they are admitting regard Mason as a safety school? If so, will us waitlisted applicants have a better shot at acceptance?

  3. You know, if most people applying to GMU are (arguably) applying to GWU (and GWU has been harder on applicants this year as well) then I wouldn’t make the leap that it’ll be easier on the W/L this year. However, I’m not sure GMU is a backup for GWU applicants – it’s purely speculation.

  4. I just took the LSAT for Fall 08. I know, I know I should wait for Fall 09, but for family reasons I simply can’t. Would you suggest that I go ahead and send my application to the schools before I get the LSAT scores back or should I wait?

  5. Yes, then I recommend moving forward and applying as quickly as possible – no need to wait for your score (although you should have it in 2 weeks via email).

  6. I saw where someone said that we should have our scores in 2 weeks via email (for the february 2 lsat). So does that mean we will probably get them this week? I saw today where there was a dotted line around my score box on the LSAC website, and now it’s gone. If anyone could clue me in that would be helpful! thanks!

  7. I’d have to agree with the tighter GW admissions prediction. I received my “thanks, but no thanks” letter today.

  8. another school to add to your list going for higher #s – hastings, check out their record on LSN, people with scores above the 75 percentile for last year are getting waitlisted.

  9. To those asking about the email dates for feb 2nd scores: my LSAC account actually lists my expected score by email date as 2/25/2008… If you log in to lsac.org, check under the “Account Status” heading and click “LSAT,” it should give you a specific date in the “Score email date” box.

  10. Yes that is true about the score email date, however scores generally are sent out a few days prior to the date the list

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