Deposits Are Due! What Do I Do?

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Still waiting to hear from some law schools? Many law schools have deposit deadlines in the next few weeks, and it can be frustrating for people who are still in limbo with other schools. The short answer to this issue is that you are going to have to send a deposit somewhere and just risk losing it if a better option comes along

Here’s a pretty thorough post on this issue from last year’s blog. I call it April Angst:Deposits are Due and I’m Still Waiting.

Schools are, on the whole, slower to respond this year because of the huge influx of applications. Law schools are also using waiting lists to hedge their bets. If you are on a waiting list (or ten!) take 23 minutes to listen to this great podcast “Getting In From A Waiting List” and read this post about How Law School Waitlists Work.

Remember – fight your way in. (In my book, I call it “Launching Your Campaign to Get In“).

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