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I’m getting a lot of calls from people signed up for the October LSAT who are wondering whether they are really ready to take the test. The number one thing law school applicants in this quandry want to know is whether it’s better to apply early with a lower score, or later (with a December LSAT score) that’s a few points higher. I always tell my clients it’s better to have 5 points on the LSAT and apply at the end of December than to have the lower score and apply in November.

Here’s a post I wrote last year that may help you to decide whether to go ahead and take the LSAT in October, or wait for December. It’s called “Are you Ready for the LSAT?

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  1. This is something that I was worried about over the weekend when I realized that I have been scoring the same on both my practice exams in the course of 2 weeks…low 150s 🙁 ….). So I’m glad I saw this post this morning! The LSATS is 1 month away and I am truly nervous that I will not improve much by then…I work full time and the only time I have to study is at night…Is there any last minute studying techniques that you may have to help improve my score within the course of a month? Thanks!

  2. Just keep going – you still have time to see an increase. If you feel yourself stagnating, it could be worth an hour or two with an LSAT tutor.

  3. Hi Ann, I’m a little confused. Do you recommend sending out the applications now even if we are planning on taking the October LSAT or should we wait until we get the October scores? I already have an LSAT score on file, but it’s nothing I’m satisfied with to get me into the school I want. By the way, for rolling admissions when is the hypothetical “deadline” for sending your applications early, which most of these schools recommend.

  4. Hi Arash,
    There is no reason to send applications before the October LSAT. You should be concentrating on the LSAT only, and you can’t submit an addendum about the first score if you don’t know what the second score is.
    I consider any application complete before Thanksgiving to be taking advantage of the rolling admission process.

  5. Hi Ann,

    Right now I’m registered for the Oct. LSAT but recently I’ve seriously considered moving my test to Dec, hoping that the additional 2 months will help me improve me score. My current plan is to apply for Fall 09 admission, but I worry that my quest to earn a higher score may very well put me at a serious disadvantage when it comes to the rolling admissions process. Do you think its worth the gamble?

  6. It is generally better to have a higher LSAT score in December than to apply in November with an October LSAT score – however, the same is not necessarily true in February. The answer to your particular question really depends how much higher a score you can realistically obtain and where you hope to attend law school.

  7. Right now I am in the high 160’s but think that I could push up to mid 170’s with an additional month or 2 and a few more practice exams under my belt. Is it worth waiting until December?

  8. I should be more clear – if you’re applying to schools that would be more likely to take you with a 173 than a 168, then the answer is yes.

  9. Hi, Ann. Can you talk briefly about LSAT scores as it pertains to part-time students? I am aiming to go to law school at night which means the schools available to me are somewhat limited. I’m in Chicago where fortunately there are quite a few part-time programs (DePaul, Kent, Loyola, John Marshall). Is there more flexibility among candidates here when it comes to LSAT scores? They need to fill the quota for the part-time program. With fewer applicants, does that mean lower standards? Thanks.

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