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Here are 2 more posts I came across today:
U.S. News provided some insight into salary and specialization trends.
Here is one George Washington University Law student’s take on the important considerations in rankings.

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  1. For what it’s worth, I attend The George Washington University Law School, not Hamline. The “Hamilton” reference in my post was referring back to a post another writer on our blog (Hamilton Fish) wrote about the rankings being leaked. Great blog though!

  2. My apologies, Mr. Mg. I corrected it!
    Thanks for letting me know – I just found your blog today but I plan to check back.

  3. I think all people fall prey to marketing – if applicants hear of a school for any reason then so have employers…. Someone just emailed me this morning asking if she could get into a “brand name” school. As a University of Miami graduate, I know more people have heard of my alma mater for the football team than for anything else…

  4. I don’t ignore the rankings, but applicants don’t need me to tell them which school is ranked more highly. My clients and I talk about the rankings are part of their decision making process, but we talk about many other factors (location, cost, career aspirations, life circumstances) as well.

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