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Many law school applicants are currently in a position where they’ve heard from some, but not all, of the law schools they’ve applied to and are wondering what to do as seat deposits loom.

If you have not already done so, visit any law school you’re seriously considering. If you aren’t willing to invest in traveling there and checking it out then you probably shouldn’t be considering forking over six figures for the privilege of studying there. Do your homework.

I’ve often found that when my clients visit the schools, a decision makes itself based on how they felt about the campus, the students they spoke with, and the campus environment.

Other things you might be thinking about include scholarships and seat deposits (and multiple seat deposits). Here are some things to consider when deciding whether to accept a scholarship to law school.

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  1. It’s not really fair to act as if those who don’t visit their schools are just not doing their homework. There are some people for whom it really is not financially feasible to visit, and/or they are unable to get time off from their jobs– jobs that they have to have to survive financially until they are able to access scholarship and loan money in school. I know I would love to visit the schools I got into, but I don’t have a week plus and several hundred (closer to $1000) for airfare and lodging in the cities I was accepted to school in (not to mention lost wages).

    1. Hi L,
      Not everyone is able to visit campuses; I do understand that. But for those who are able, it’s irresponsible not to check out the schools.
      I am glad you’ve gotten into schools you’re excited about and I thank you for reading the blog.

  2. Hi Ann,
    Just found your website. I’m on the GW waiting list this year. Last year I applied to some other schools and was accepted to two state schools. I put in seat deposits to both, because I hadn’t made up my mind on which school I wanted to attend. Then due to some family issues, requested and was granted deferrals from both of the schools (both granted in late July 2008). What does this mean for me in terms of being on the LSDAS multiple deposit list for 2009?
    Thanks so much!

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