December LSAT Scores Out Today!

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Just heard back from my first client about December LSAT scores – Congrats on the big increase, B! Looking forward to hearing more news….. Check your email…. (not to make you totally paranoid, but keep your eyes out!)
Good luck!
And for those of you who haven’t yet applied, let’s get started ASAP. I’m here to help.

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  1. Ann,
    This is something like the depressing news. I got my LSAT score it is 135.Its really bothering me.pls answer to my post please tell me,CAN I HOPE for a law school admission with such a stupid score.

  2. hi Anne,
    Its the most depressing news for me.I recieved my LSAT score 135.Its really bothering me.I dreamt of becoming a lawyer in U.S.There are no classes in INDIA to teach LSAT.Please temme CAN I REALLY HOPE for an admission to a law school.please reply Anne so that i can start my applications or atlest give some names of lawschools to apply.I HOPE A FRANK REPLY……

  3. hi Anne,

    I have a quick question. I took the Oct LSAT and didn’t do so hot, so I retook it in Decemeber and did much better. The problem is that I sent a bunch of applications in before I got my Dec LSAT scores back today. Will the LSAC send a score update? Do I need to do anything or resend a score? Did I totally mess up and do this out of order and they will never get my increased score? I hope you can help!

  4. Hello Ann,

    I received my LSAT score today– a devastating 149. I reduced my work schedule to 1-day/week to focus on the 6-week Kaplan course I was enrolled in prior to December’s exam and studied 2-9 hrs/day. My range (according to in-class and other proctored tests) was 139-155. With this, I don’t feel that by retaking the LSAT, my score would greatly improve. In general, I’m a good student, but a poor standardized-test taker.

    My situation is this:
    – UGPA 3.53
    – Cumme Laude Graduate from a California State University
    – B.A. degree (Theatre) w/ Hospitality Management minor
    – Very “unique” background with versatile accomplishments described in personal statements
    – Glowing letters of recommendation

    My question to you is… How do I make myself seem more appealing to law schools? I don’t exactly expect to be accepted into a top-tier school, but regarding one of your previous posts, I’d like to hear more about your student/client who attended a top-tier school while only scoring in the 25th percentile.

    Your advice will be greatly appreciated and deeply considered. Thank you!

  5. Hi – the comments came flowing in so I will try to respond to all of them together:
    Philosophy – you will have to find a way to raise that LSAT score if you are intent on attending law school in the U.S. I wish I had better news for you, but you asked me to be frank and this is the only answer anyone should give you. If anyone tells you otherwise, they are trying to sell you something unreasonable.

    Megzie – you did everything right. Send a quick email to each school letting them know your new score. That’s it. They will automatically get it from LSAC, but this way they will be on the lookout.

    Jaclyn – I understand your disappointment, but if you choose schools wisely you are going to law school. However, just to be clear, the clients I refer to are admitted to schools where their LSAT scores are below the 25th percentiles for that particular school, not for the overall LSAT percentiles. I can work with you to build a strong application, put together a schools list, and give yourself the best possible advantage with this goal in mind.

    Happy New Year, everyone.

  6. Hi Anne,

    Came across your blog and am finding it very insightful. I took the December LSAT and got a 148. I’m going to take it again in February to boost my score (Logic Games killed my score), so I’m focusing on that. I have a master’s degree in biochemistry, and I pretty much learned the test after I finished my thesis in August, studying by myself, so I don’t feel completely horrible. I’m interested in biotech patent law and biotechnology security issues. Do you have any advice for me in applying and writing personal statements for someone with my background? I come from a completely different school of thought (hardcore science), but am looking to break into the legal realm. I’ve contacted the schools with Feb. deadlines and they say to go ahead and apply then send my scores directly to them. Thanks for the insight!


  7. Hi Ann,

    I am so happy I found this blog. It is very encouraging. I took the December LSAT and completely bombed. On my practice tests, I was scoring around 155. But my actual test was only 145. I am embarrassed because I studied a lot, but I guess I didn’t study enough. So I signed up to retake the test in February.

    I plan to apply to schools that accept students who average 150 on the test. I also plan to wait until after I get my February score back before I apply. Do you think waiting until after I get my score back before applying is a good idea? I am afraid to send applications out with such a low score.


  8. Chris,
    If you wait to send in your applications until you have a score (in March), and then schools have to wait to get your LSDAS reports and put your file in queue to be reviewed, you are not going to be happy with your results…..

  9. Ann,
    I have a similar situation to chris and jason. I took the December LSAT and only scored a 148, but my practice tests through the Kaplan Prep Course were higher and I know I can increase the score for the February LSAT. My problem is that I don’t know how to apply to these law schools asking them to wait until they receive my Febraury LSAT. Could you help me…
    Also, I would like your advice in determining if I should even retake it in February or should i take a year off and keep studying and gaining work experience. Please let me know, I am so disappointed!


  10. If you haven’t seen the services that I offer, I encourage you to check out my website( and see if I can help you. Unfortunately, I do not have to to give in-depth advice in every situation on my blog because there is so much I need to know about each client before I decide the right step for you. There’s no one-size-fit-all answer to this question.

    Happy new year, and enjoy the weekend.

  11. happy new year ann,

    based on your advice towards others i ended up postponing from the october lsats to take the december ones, which really helped me out cause i ended up scoring higher on prep tests (159-164 range from a 150-157 range) which put me in a better mindset. however i ultimately got a 156. while a great score it does put me out of range for my target school.

    i was actually resigned to retaking in june and applying for 2010, but recently getting an offer for a fee waiver from temple law (ranked higher than my target of USD), while definitely not an admission offer it did get me rethinking about applying for fall. however, due to financial hardships my gpa ended up plummeting from a 3.3 to a 3.19 my final year (3.15 counting 2 Fs received but retaken that year).

    i do plan to apply to the schools that give me a waiver, i’m wondering if a higher lsat would offset that drop in gpa, which i think is still difficult to explain.

  12. Ricky,
    You raise a few questions, not all of which can be answered without more information, but one thing to keep in mind is that a fee waiver is fairly meaningless. Schools want more applications so they can reject more people and appear more selective. So only use a fee waiver if you were planning to apply to the school anyway…. don’t let the law schools play these games. And a fee waiver from a school on the East Coast has no bearing on your admission chances for a school on the West Coast (or across the street, for that matter). So don’t let that be part of your thought process in this regard.
    Also, you mention 2 repeated courses but not what your LSAC GPA is, so it might actually be lower…..

  13. Hi Ann,

    Thanks for the quick response. Thanks for clearing up the issue with the fee waivers, as for my LSAC GPA I’m still waiting on that because I had some transcript issues with some courses from a community college I took while in high school. 3.15 was the number I got when I tried calculating my GPA including the original grades and the repeated courses, but it would probably be best to wait for LSAC’s take on it.

    thanks again,

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