December 2007 LSAT Results Posted

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LSAT scores came out early. (Happy Holidays!)

Read this previous posting about what to do now that you have your LSAT score.

If you’re considering re-taking the LSAT in February 2008 for Fall 2008 admission, keep this in mind – People have been applying since early Fall and while your safety schools are still pretty sure bets, February LSAT takers are more likely to be waitlisted at schools where they are mid-range applicants…. By March (when your application would be complete) schools have a sense of whether they’ll be able to fill their classes. This definitely impacts your application at schools where your numbers are under the 75th percentiles.

For those of you who are ready to apply – now is the time! Don’t let LSAC closing for the holidays get you down. No law school will review your applications during the holidays anyway, and there are other ways to submit applications if you’re so inclined. Now let’s get to work!

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  1. Is there a way to take the Feb LSAT and only notify schools that are reaches? So, the schools that I can probably get into with my current score can review my application now?

  2. I like jeff’s question. I hadn’t thought of this. I planned on taking the feb lsat for just my reach schools and schools where I was on the cusp. My applications are already in. Will the timeline of my apps being reviewed at my other schools be impacted by this?

  3. There is a chance that schools will see your LSDAS report reflecting an upcoming LSAT date and automatically hold your application. However, if you are able to increase your score significantly, a new and improved LSAT score can be a great way to be pulled up off a waitlist. For reach schools, email them to let them know you’re taking February. Just be aware there is a risk involved that other schools may hold your applications, and of course the factor that you may get a lower LSAT …

  4. Thank you for your response. I’m confident about improving my score as my actual was 6-7 pts lower than practice norms, I was just concerned about impact on application timing. I’ve really enjoyed reading back through your blog posts; I wish I had found this blog earlier!

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