Countdown to the September LSAT

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We’re within two weeks of the September 2009 LSAT. If you haven’t heard my Blog Talk Radio Show with Last Minute Tips for Taking the LSAT, from June, I think you’ll find it’s the best 45 minutes you’ll spend this week. You can download it from iTunes or listen to it online.

Obviously, the deadline to change your LSAT date is in the past. You’re registered for the September LSAT, so you’re definitely taking it. If you’re not ready and convinced it’s not going to go well, you might as well take the test for the experience of it and then cancel your score as you walk out. Then, upgrade your preparation strategy for the December 2009 LSAT administration (and no, it’s not too late for Fall 2010 admission if you take the December LSAT).

And, I’m working on posting some new upcoming Blog Talk Radio shows so definitely keep an eye out for future announcements.

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