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The Law School Admission Game, 4th Edition: Now Available!

I am so excited to announce the release today of the 4th edition of my bestselling law school admission guidebook, The Law School Admission Game: Play Like an Expert. This is fully up to date with information on recent changes to the LSAT, LSATFlex, and use of the GRE in law school admissions. It includes even more examples of case

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Law School for Free for Veterans

Understanding Military Benefits for Law Students If you’ve ever served our country in the armed forces, you’ve earned not only our admiration and respect, but also the opportunity to attend law school with assistance from the GI Bill and Yellow Ribbon Program (for participating schools). Most people know the story of the original GI Bill. It was signed into law

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Evaluating Law School Debt & Careers Through LST Pro

I recently had the pleasure of speaking with Kyle McEntee, Executive Director and Co-Founder of Law School Transparency. Kyle is a licensed North Carolina attorney with a J.D. from Vanderbilt University Law School. While still in law school, Kyle was voted Lawyer of the Year by readers of Above the Law. At age 26, the ABA Journal named him a Legal Rebel

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Loan Repayment and Assistance Programs

Many law school applicants dream of using their law degree to serve the public interest. Whether you hope to represent battered women, advocate for the poor, or any one of the many other worthy public interest causes, a law degree can be an invaluable tool to help you affect other people’s lives. However, a law degree comes at a cost,

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From the Career Files: Choosing a Law School Based on Scholarships

A key factor in choosing a law school should be the cost of attendance. By limiting your student loan debt, you will relieve pressure from yourself to find a high-paying job after passing the bar. Of course, the law school you choose also determines the opportunities that will be available to you as a first year lawyer. As you consider

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Lower Law School Tuition? For Real?

preLaw Magazine reported that tuition is dropping at some law schools. This made me feel good – not just for the obvious reason that law schools (or at least a small handful) are thinking about affordability for their students, but because it reminded me of something. “Wait,” I thought to myself, “Didn’t I suggest this a while back?” So, I

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Paying Off Law School Student Loans

It’s Thanksgiving, and I have a lot to be thankful for. After fifteen years, I want to add an unusual item to my gratitude list: my student loans. Without loans, I would not have been able to attend law school. And attending law school has been the central, formative experience of my adult life  –  in terms of cultivating skills,

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Law School Loan Repayment Assistance Programs

Today’s post is written by Rebecca Sivitz, graduate of Penn Law School and former proofreader for Law School Expert. With the current status of the economy and legal hiring market, many applicants are, rightfully, sensitive to the enormous cost of law school tuition. This is obviously even more of an issue for those interested in public interest work, where the paycheck

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Top 3 Tips for Negotiating a Law School Scholarship

(This post was originally from 2012. I’m updating it on June 18, 2019 with changes marked in bold because times have changed yet again). When I was a Director of Admissions at a law school in California twelve (19) years ago, one of my peers from another school told me he hated when students tried to negotiate scholarships. Let me tell

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Your First Test as Lawyer: Negotiating a Law School Scholarship

When I was a Director of Admissions at a law school in California twelve years ago, one of my peers from another school told me he hated when students tried to negotiate scholarships. Let me tell you, times have changed. In the last few years, I’ve seen a change – applicants are asking and law schools are responding, some even

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K-JD or Take Time Off Before Law School?

Should I take time off before law school? When people first ask me this question, I think they usually mean, “Will law schools like me better if I take a year or two off before applying?” If your grades need to show another year of improvement and/or you need more time to prepare for the LSAT, waiting a year can...

Tips for College Students Considering Law School

If you are more than 18 months away from college graduation, here are some suggestions that will help provide a strong foundation for a possible application to law school in the future. Since your GPA is still within your control, work hard. Pick classes that interest and excite you and do well in the most challenging classes you can take....

The Best Time to Visit Law Schools

The best times to visit law schools are when you've been waitlisted, and when you're deciding where to attend. Visiting a Law School Where You've Been Waitlisted Today, a client asked me for help writing letters of continuing interest to three schools - all three schools were located in the city where she lived. So my first question to her...

Thinking about Becoming a Lawyer?

Do you want to be a lawyer? If you’re considering law school because others have suggested it to you, or because you feel compelled as your peers move on to seemingly prestigious employment options, take some time and delve into the lives of actual attorneys. If you have not yet done any serious research about the legal profession, what lawyers...